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    Is there a sensible chartplotter for me?

    Hey we have used Navionics’s on our iPad and phones for years as backups for our Raymarine charter plotter. Inexpensive and updates are easy.
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    ATN gennaker One thing we always add to our spinnaker launch tube control line is the single block with cam cleat and snap, not in the photo, for attachment to the base of a stanchion. The control line block is to be attached to the leeward side bow area. When...
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    Selden Furlex system Halyard Deflector

    The mast does look like a Seldon. They do have the jib halyard sheave box low enough to prevent halyard wrap only if the jib halyard has proper tension. If you had been out sailing in heavy breeze, the halyard stretched, the jib luff down low would show horizontal wrinkles at the entry of the...
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    New Sails - advice?

    Hey, as an independent sailmaker/owner of a small business for over 40 years, buy sails that are made in your wonderful area! Ask where and who actually builds the sails. Support the local economy as best you can! I owned and lived aboard a Hunter 45 Legend for over 10 years. Currently...
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    buying a (one-time) saltwater boat?

    Glad you are buying a sailboat! With over 40 years in the sailmaking business, the most expensive things on a sailboat are engine, sails, electronics, and rigging. Sometimes not in that order! For safety I would replace the standing rigging and lifelines right off. With the mast down...
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    Photo in this weeks email add for Hunter Owners

    Hey, not sure where to post this but the photo of the Hunter on the email advertisement for Hunter Owners may want to add a clew slug or out haul car to the mainsail. This will load the clew properly and avoid an expensive repair at the foot rope.