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    Genoa track for O'Day 25 or 26

    To set the jib car track on the deck or cabin at the proper place and angle-- 1)run a string from the bow back to the center of the Stearns. 2) measure from the bow back 120 inches and mark. 3) measure 21 inches at right angles to port and starboard and mark. Every 2 inches added or...
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    Genoa track for O'Day 25 or 26

    To set the jib car track on the deck or cabin @ the proper place or angle -- 1) run a string from the bow back to the center of the srearn. 2) measure from the bow back 120 inches on the string and mark (3) measure 21 inches from mark @ right angles to port and starboard and mark (x). Every...
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    Question: Does anyone know how to match the 1984 light tan gelcoat on the decks?

    Squiggle Tool, Melrose, MN 56352 does a good job of color matching from a paint chip. They can also supply pigments. BUT!! often it's only close or color changes from shop to outside light or color shortly changes from the sun and on and on. Color matching is an artful-techie-type job...
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    Solar sizing help....

    How will you use your boat? If it's usually 1 or 2 days, or mostly day sails a couple of times a week very little "juice" is needed and can be backed up with flash lights or portable radios. If your going for longer trips, Genes set up would be hard to beat! ( his solar panels mountings are...
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    Paint removal

    Gell coats are sprayed in a number of coats. Often, after the first two or three a contrasting color will be used to assure coverage.
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    2012 Tohatsu 6hp?

    In the small motors, most of us use we want the spark plug to ignite the air-fuel mixture at the proper time. If the compression heats the air-fuel mixture to a "flash" point and the mixture ignites before the spark plug sparks, the motor knocks. Fuel w/ a higher octane rating will ignite at...
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    antenna splitter

    I have found mixed info. on using the VHF antenna and a splitter for a VHF and an AM-FM radio? Has anyone any experience that could give some give me some advice?
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    Best Conditions for first sail with the 170?

    Start by watching the weather reports (Underground Weather 10 day has a nice chart) and how they affect the body of water you will sail on. Generally you will want under 10 mph or ks. Ripples form at about 6 to 8 and white caps start around 10. Be on the water very close to sun up, (less...
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    Best Conditions for first sail with the 170?

    Wind under 10 k. Go out very early in the morning, stay close to starting area so you can head in if or as wind increases. Generally, ripples on the water indicate about 6 to 8 ks and white caps start around 10 ks. Stay conservative.
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    Starting chain adjustment

    I have only seen the shotgun blank used in starting an airplane engine in the movies. Can imagine being in an engine compartment in the bowels of a sailboat and "pulling the trigger"!
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    MOB Incident on Dublin Bay

    Very difficult to see the swimmer in the water. Why is the choice so often made for fashion in color rather than something that is visible? In this case, the "coach" failed to control all of the controllable situations. First and foremost the swimmer has to be seen to be rescued!
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    Chain plate installation ideas?

    Sorry! Then fill the void w/ resin thickened w/ milled fiber and cabsil. Carefully insert chainplate to proper angles and reseal bottom to keep thicken resin from leaking. When resin gets to a solid but not total gell stage carefully pull chainplate. Peel off the tape and carefully clean the...
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    Chain plate installation ideas?

    If your deck is cored, drill holes and cut slots slightly oversized. Remove surrounding core. Wax and PVA chain plates and top deck. Tape the deck area and then wax the tape. Tape the underside of the deck. Fill the void w/
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    The mystery of rig tuning

    First, start by I. your rigging wire. Stretch can indicate the amount of load . Find the amount of stretch that happens at a given load for a given length. This info. is available in a number of tuning guides online. The measurement can be done with masking tape and a tape measure. For...
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    Outboard mayhem !

    That old 2 stroke Merc. was one of the more powerful 10 hp on the market at that time. Generally, hp to hp, you lose some top end speed, gain some low end torque, and add to the weigh of the motor when going to a 4 stroke from a 2 stroke. If you want that margin of power and your 10 hp has...