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    How long should a Mushroom mooring anchor last?

    Update from the OP... I went to Ralph's today and checked out the anchor. It could use a bit of work, but certainly doesn't need to be replaced. I found a local welder who will fix it up for $125. Funny the guy in the marina told me that in the 5 years he's been there, only 2 folks took the...
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    How long should a Mushroom mooring anchor last?

    Thanks Barry! Thought about joining last year but never pulled the trigger. Friends with Carl John who kept bugging me!
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    How long should a Mushroom mooring anchor last?

    Thanks Greg. It's Ralph's. I'm going to go look at the anchor tomorrow and discuss options with them. If the eye is the issue I'm going to ask about a cut and weld repair. They quoted me about $600 for another used 400 pounder. I've been looking around for some but without much luck yet. I don't...
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    How long should a Mushroom mooring anchor last?

    Thanks! Good information.
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    How long should a Mushroom mooring anchor last?

    I haven't seen the anchor recently. When I got the estimate, there was too much snow on the ground to get to it. Now that most has melted, I'll be inspecting the anchor myself shortly.
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    How long should a Mushroom mooring anchor last?

    I moved to a mooring 5 years ago when I bought a larger boat (O'Day 322 in Mt Sinai Harbor, NY). I bought a used 400 pound anchor from a local marina with everything else new. This marina drops and picks up my anchor annually, which is a town requirement. A few weeks ago I got an estimated bill...
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    Diesel Fuel Tank Inspection Port

    Check this company out. They sell inspection ports that work with metal or plastic tanks.
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    New Start Battery?

    I bought the alternator and external regulator from MainSail.... I believe with the Trojan I'll be fine on the house side given my minimal needs, just wondering about the start. I'm thinking a Group 27 wet cell should be fine...
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    New Start Battery?

    Mooring, have an AC charger only when transiting at a marina. Day trips, a 3-5 day trip 1-3 times a summer...
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    New Start Battery?

    Replacing my 2 Group 31 general purpose batteries on my O'Day 322, w/2GM20F engine. All LED interior lights, planning on adding a 12VDC TV, and an Isotherm Compact Classic 2501 refrigeration unit. No plans for much else electric. Have an 80 amp, external regulated alternator, and adding about...
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    Don’t ignore above-the-water-line thru hulls!

    Ugh.. Like I don't have enough on my plate this winter? :)
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    Sailboat surveyors near Annapolis

    Try Dan (in Alxendria, VA) at OnPar Marine Consulting LLC - Welcome to OnPar MarineMaking the most of your time on the water. Good man, very knowledgable.
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    Yanmar Engine Life???

    Greg, did your 322 come with the engine hour meter? Mine did not, and at this point I don't think it's worth adding one... Mickey D
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    Leaking Lewmar Hatch Rebuild

    Try looking here. I replaced mine on my '87 O'Day 322 with medium profiles I got on sale from Defender. Pretty much just swapped them out, after cleaning up a bit with some epoxy. If you're using the same ones, just go for it. It's a straight forward job. If you have any core rot just scrape it...
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    Yanmar 2GM20F Remote Oil Filter

    Does anyone have a source for a remote oil filter for the Yanmar 2GM20F? Thanks, Mickey D