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    Pre 1995 Catalina Boats Companionway Screech

    If you have the time to take the hatch off, remove dirt and grime then apply the tape thats great. What is awesome about my strips is they will last as long as your boat, you do not have to disassemble the coach roof and deal with adhesives. My strips take less that 60 seconds to install they...
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    Fear of sailing at night?

    NIght Sailing is not the problem, night motoring is! Its the crab pot buoys you cant see that wrap around your propellor
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    Pre 1995 Catalina Boats Companionway Screech

    The sliding companionway hatch on many of the Catalina Sailboats built in the 80's and early 90's are almost identical in size and design. After many years they develop the same problem, The Sliding Hatch Screech. Many have tried different solutions from spraying silicon, wax, and other...
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    What's the BIGGEST Selling Point When Shopping for A New/Used Boat?

    Think functionality. Adequate sailing, floating camper/motor home. Clean clean clean. Then price per demographics and what each demographic can afford. Cost to improve is very expensive. Case in point. My boat a Cat 36 has older electronics. I could sell my boat and purchase the same boat...
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    Companionway Screech Solution

    Prior to 1995 many of the Catalina Sailboats 27' to 42' had a very same Companionway Hatch. Very common is the horrible screech you get when you slide the hatch open. Originally Catalina put a Teflon type tape in the channel but after a few years the tape loses its adhesive and falls apart...