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    H41 aft shower sump-out time?

    You stuffed a couple golf cart AGM's into space near the aft head? Now you have me curious.
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    H41 aft shower sump-out time?

    I have a 2009 H41DS. Rarely use the aft shower. A couple of comments and my boat construction may be slightly different. 1. I rarely use the aft shower. When it used (typically once a quarter just to 'use it' for maintenance) there is definitely some kind of sump-type thing built into the...
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    Helm Seating - What do you do? (H38)

    The pics here look like a powerboat thread, not a sailing thread? If you are really sailing, you are going to be wanting to be standing for a variety of reasons. For other times, the invisible crewman 'Otto' works just great?
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    H41 aft shower sump-out time?

    I have 2009, there is a sump under the shower pan but not a 'real' sump. Run the pump while you are showering. Also, as others have mentioned, if you still have the original Italian-style 'quiet pump' that is incredibly impossible to rebuild - be sure to clean the intake strainer. Especially...
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    Why does Hunter have a bad name?

    Yes, get the correct tool for the job. I certainly have an appreciation for more advanced materials and more advanced design work to take care of that, but simple things from modest offshore work where the boat is simply was not originally (I would not say designed) built for that job is...
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    Time to tighten main furler?

    If your outhaul is all the way out and you still have a few wraps like that you probably have a sail with too long of a foot? I actually have one sail quite similar, but it was a cheap ($300 for me) leftover from a brand new H45 purchase who was upgrading that the local loft pulled the battens...
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    Hunter 41DS engine room blower replacement

    I don't use it much in the winter, but my understanding primary use case is ensuring a touch of cold air for the diesel to consume, plus alternator heat.
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    Hunter 41DS engine room blower replacement

    Hi All, Finally (I was wondering when it would happen) the engine room blower does not work anymore. I noticed it has both a relay and the motor itself and have not ordered parts quite yet. I dug around in the port lazarette, engine room, and what I call the 'potato locker' - the storage area...
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    Salt water soap

    Thanks! I ordered up one of each kind above so we can try them out.
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    Salt water soap

    Years ago an old girlfriend was able to locate 'salt water soap' to have on the boat. Particularly useful to help with dish washing while conserving fresh water and for other things. Basically this - Saltwater soap - Wikipedia I hunted around online a couple years ago and again a bit today...
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    h 41 couch and
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    Throttle position while sailing?

    Yes - I can't remember the exact model I have. There was a service bulletin about not keeping it in reverse. Over time the the oil on the pressure plates leaks out and they can get sorta locked up. Only the particular model I have I guess. Took me a bit when I first had the boat to notice...
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    Two Female crew needed for Tacoma to Hawaii run early August

    You will be fine with 85 gallons of water if you are frugal. People are spoiled nowadays. As noted - use seawater and a quick fresh water rinse for the dishes. Either a bucket or seawater pump at the galley works. We did it with five on a 30-footer (Vic-Maui) and 55 gallons and had plenty...
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    Hunter 30-2 Fuel Shutoff

    If it does not have one, I would recommend installing one. Not just for the convenience when changing filters but also as an emergency way to shut off the engine.
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    Throttle position while sailing?

    As noted earlier - you will want to follow the recommendation based on which transmission you have. On my Yanmar 4JH4AE I can not remember the transmission, but the recommendation was to keep it in neutral. Other transmissions it is quite common that is preferred to have it locked in reverse...