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    How to gain access to port stern space?

    Can you access the vapor drain hose fittings through the small door at the back of the port stateroom?
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    Leak on a 43.

    I hope it's not a crack in the shaft tube. I had one on my First 38. The tube and seal area remained dry until it was necessary to replace the shaft seal clamp due to corrosion. Once the clamp was removed the crack expanded and a serious leak was evident even when the seal clamp was...
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    Beneteau 34 Bimini

    Assuming it was a soft cover, if you have all the hardware just have a local canvas shop fab a new cover. It will probably be better quality then the cover in any kit you would by.
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    Hull Number

    Possibly glassed over in a repair? I think you'll just need to make one yourself. Possibly have a metal plate stamped with the number and gelcoat it into place on the transom, then trace it once dry.
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    Hull Number

    If your vessel is USCG documentsed, you don't need state registration...see Do USCG Documented Vessels Need State Registration or Decals? If you have the USCG Official Number, you can look up the Hull Number here. USCG PSIX Search Page. Put the Official Number in the Primary Vessel Number field.
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    Newbie questions.

    Stern tube carries the prop shaft in a shaft-drive auxiliary power. Cooling water for the shaft packing is supplied from the raw-water pump. This valve would be used to cut the backflow of water from the tube if the line needs maintenance.
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    Diagnosing a problem with the shower pump

    I had a similar problem. After confirming the lines and strainers were clear, the diaphragm pump would run faithfully but not produce suction. I ordered a rebuilt kits and rebuilt it. Still no joy. Turned out he upper diaphragm housing had bowed slightly allowing air to intrude the line...
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    Instruments went goofy

    TWA and TWS are calculated using the AWA and AWS measurements from the masthead sensors, adjusted for boatspeed from the hull paddlewheel. If your BS reading isn't accurate, TWA and TWS will be wacked.
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    Hull Number

    Try looking behind the forward port settee cushions near he area where the chainplate ties to the hull.
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    Beneteau First 38 Polar Plot

    Check this out: ORC sailboat data.
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    Beneteau First 38 Polar Plot

    If you want the polar graphs you'll need to measure your boat and run a velocity prediction program. The IMS VPP is open source and you could conceivably do it yourself, but the science is dense. When I did my run it was through US Sailing and I provided measurements from my rating...
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    Beneteau First 38 Polar Plot

    I looked for the VPP run from the 1985 First 38 I owned some years ago. I can't find the full report, but here are the targets from the report. This is the data you need on the water. TWS BS TWA AWS AWA 6 4.7 45 10 25 8 5.7 45 12 26 10 6.2 43 15 26 12 6.3 41 17...
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    Beneteau First 38 Polar Plot

    A custom VPP run is the gold standard: Polar Package
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    Beneteau Parts Trouble

    I have a pretty good relationship with the customer service manager. She didn't not reply to the last email I sent her several weeks ago. This leads me to believe their email system was impacted as well as the ERP systems.