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    Deck Sheave replacement, 1985 H28.5

    You should be able to replace the whole thing as a unit. Not that expensive. If it is like my boat (Hunter 34) then the bolts go through sleeves and tap into an aluminum plate in the deck. Just remove the whole thing and replace. On the other hand, you may be able to get the sheaves separately.
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    Catalina 25 questions.

    I had a C25 swing keel. Good weekend cruiser. Easy to get parts. Lots of support. Comfy. $2500.00 if it is sailable. Definitely have an inspector go over the standing rigging especially at the deck attachment points. If the rig is old consider replacing it. Check hinge on the swing keel.
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    Install Yanmar GM10 in Oday 27 - experience or advice?

    Outboard. Easier to maintain. No prop in the water when sailing.
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    3GM30F Cam shaft cover?

    That actually doesn't look bad to me. I recommend repairing any leaks and, of course, keeping the engine clean helps in spotting leaks and belt dust. One thing that I am super uptight about is leaks in the raw water system. Salt water leaking down onto the engine always creates corrosion issues.
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    New spin halyard gets wrapped around headstay at the top

    So I added more words to the original post to clarify. In summary the spin halyard is getting wrapped around the roller furler at the top when the jib is furled and /or unfurled. By Joe I think you’ve got it. It seems to be happening when the halyard is stowed usually right after being used...
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    My turnbuckle has failed........

    Pulled the threads right out. At both ends no less. Too tight? Vibration causing metal fatigue? Substandard turnbuckles? All of the above?
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    New spin halyard gets wrapped around headstay at the top

    I recently rigged up my Hunter 34 with a spinnaker and it's boatloads of fun. One issue is that the spinnaker halyard tends to get wrapped around the headstay right at the top when the jib is furled or unfurled causing the furler to become jammed. This happens when the spinnaker is not in use...
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    Whisker Pole

    It should be about level because that is where you get the greatest extension. To do that it should be mounted to the front of the mast. Also, that is probably the strongest place. I use the lazy sheet as a downhaul by looping it under a forward cleat and then pulling it tight from the...
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    1 1/2” vs 1 1/2”

    I went through this recently my own self. Bought fittings at ACE because price. I managed to make it work but boy were my fingers sore afterwards from wrestling the hose onto the fittings. The next size down at ACE is 1 1/4" which is too small. West Marine has the more correct sizes but we...
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    I have a rigging question

    I've seen this on Craigslist. Stay away from it. It is junk. The welder knew nothing about boat design at all. There is no making it work. It is a disaster.
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    Mast Up Compression Post Fix - Hunter 34

    I assume Brian used some kind of temporary support on either side of the compression post to support the cabin top while he worked on it. That is what you would need to do. Also, loosen up the rigging. I would work on getting the mast removed a little harder.
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    Converting from roller furled to hank on

    Right. The PHRF drop will come from switching from roller furler to non roller furler. In my experience faster is better and phrf does not change that. The exception is light wind combined with time on time scoring. In that case it is very difficult to beat the smaller, slower boats.
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    Converting from roller furled to hank on

    Sure. new technologies. This is something I can do that is fairly easy. I guess the real question is: will the added performance just be cancelled out by the reduction in my phrf rating?
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    Lifeline autopsy

    That’s my concern with dyneema: chafing and wear.
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    cast iron keel

    Needs the keel cleaned down to the bright metal and recoated and the keel bolts need to be replaced. That means removing keel