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    ground wire in mast

    If you have a problem with the gnd wire, all functions using that gnd wire will not work. I prefer separate wires in a jacket
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    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    Has anybody looked at Skyroam?
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    M-25XP Raw Water Blocked

    Where is your raw water strainer wrt the waterline? If it is high, do you have air in it?
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    Keeping A Sailboat Cool Without Shore Power

    Back in the mid nineties, we had a ‘80 Gulfstar 44 cc ketch that we lived on for 10 yrs. The headliner throughout was cloth with a lot of little holes and was pretty dirty when we bought it. I ripped it down and glued double sided bubble wrap to the cabin top. The double sided was bubble wrap...
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    New guy on the ocean worries / horrible radio comms!?!?!?

    Wait until one of those oncoming is a tug with a log raft tow
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    Raw water cooling system question

    I would think that between the thru hull to the water pump is a flexible hose. wire wound so it does not collapse. Being that you found galvanized makes me believe it is. not an OEM installation.
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    Balmar SG200 battery monitor

    The ACR doesn’t open when charging stops. It opens when the battery voltage drops to a predetermined level. So, there is some time (depending on loads)that the monitor is reading both the bank and the start battery. Then the start battery drops out When that voltage is reached..
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    Balmar SG200 battery monitor

    Anyone know how this monitor handles a bank and a separate start battery with an ACR In between?
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    The Dreaded Head

    Noflex is not a magic hose cleaner. Just replace it..
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    I have not done that. Yet…
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    Concerning my statement on alternator overtemp. If I ran without a sensor, it would have recorded a no connection. So, I actually had an over temp situation. Just don’t know when..My previous statement was wrong. That bulb just lit!!
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    Not sure I understand your question. I made some replies above. Let me know if more info needed.
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    Oh ya..This alternator is on a new Beta 35. Beta really tucks them in close to the engine. I’m going to see if I can swing it out a bit more. I would love to use the hairpin design but the output lug would hit the heat exchanger..
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    We just finished a three week trip and have been thinking about this. All good questions -Belt mgr set to two -I did not change the default setting. So it should be set for 107C. Have not verified this. Do you have a better setting? -Batts are four Dyno GC batts in one bank. ACR to a 12V...
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    I have a 150 Balmar with a 614. We have had some 100 deg weather and I'm finding I need to supply dedicated cooling to the alternator..