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    Calling all ODay 28, 30, 31 club racers or sail trim fanactics

    Jackdaw hit it right. My 272 does really well in club racing, usually 1st or 2nd in class. So much so they changed my PHRF rating from 220 to 190. I found that when I added my asym spinnaker it really boosted the downwind performance. I have to use the pole if I am in non-spin class in order to...
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    Bringin in the sheaves

    Greg someone put an anchor roller on the top of mast. On my 272 I put a block on my bale. I think I have a pic somewhere. Will share it.
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    Bringin in the sheaves

    Andre thanks for the in depth response. Highly appreciated! Don
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    Bringin in the sheaves

    Pat did you ever replace? I know rigrite has the sheaves.
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    PolyGlow quick shine solution - beware !

    So I am king of poli glo. Finally wanted to get away from it after 15 years. They make a heavy stripper. You have to use it. Compounding will take it off but after many runs. It's so funny I just saw this and I just finished stripping mine and compounding and waxing my 272. Results!
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    Need your opinion. Help me spend my money

    A no brainer in New Sails!! If you want some self tailing good prices on facebook sailboat swap shop. Request to join!! Tons of self tailing winches.
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    Link to video of the 322

    Love the 322. It is the big version of the 272. Looks to be in very good shape.
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    Southern California Oday Rendezvous

    Trying to put together a Rendezvous in the Channel Islands area. The east coast has one with Peter and Mickey and the gang. But to be honest so few Odayers that participate in social media on the west coast. If your in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Channel Islands or Marina Del Rey and are...
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    value of a 1989 272 le O'day

    I would suggest going to the Facebook Oday forum. You will get a lot of responses.
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    Pearson-O'Day 290 line drawings

    Interesting info. I do know Japan has the molds or at least some of the molds and they are still building them. The 272 and the 322 specifically. They did retool a few things. You can actually buy one. The import fee is high.
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    You mean these.
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    Cant post there its for used gear only. Hoping there was a Cal owners group. Does not appear so. Thank you
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    Pearson-O'Day 290 line drawings

    I wasn't aware Pearson made a 290?
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    Does anyone know where I can post these so the Cal owners can get one. This forum doesnt allow you to post things for sale.
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    CDI Furler Reefer

    Actually the CDI is a Great unit. I have never had a problem on my 272 with the old unit. I do like the one piece extrusion and when my old CDI Reefer fails I will replace with the FF4 CDI.