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    Where does your SBO username come from???

    I think mine is pretty easy. Wanted something that my 70 year old brain could remember. lol Might not work if I move.
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    want new motor for C 16

    Thanks for all the replies and help, guys. As luck would have it, I came across a '99 Merc (2 stroke) 4 hp that a guy just needed to get rid of. Even had long shaft. Purrs!! :) Feelin lucky! Maybe I need to ask for more things on here. lol
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    want new motor for C 16

    Recently purchased '87 C-16 with same model Evinrude 4. It runs fine, but looking to upgrade to a 4 stroke. What suggestions do you sailing vets have as a replacement? Will be used in salt water and fresh. Thanks.