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    Alternator shutoff switch?

    While we sell these, as a Victron dealer, for certain applications, we've also seen a few failures. We advise our customers to over-size these by a pretty hefty margin. Eg: 200A model for a 100A - 125A alternator.. Not yet seen a single Blue Sea Systems ACR fail, even when incorrectly wired...
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    For SAMS & NAMS this is not the case at all....
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    150% Disagree. You chose a poor surveyor and are now bashing the entire industry. There are bad doctors, lawyers, electricians, surveyors etc., but it does not mean the entire industry is bad. We have some tremendous surveyors here in Maine and every survey we've had has cost us $0.00. A...
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    New guy on the ocean worries / horrible radio comms!?!?!?

    That law on Winny was sparked by the death of one of my very good friends fathers. The son of a wealthy marina owner ran smack over their boat, in the dark & totally drunk. The defense tried to claim his nav lights were not on, but they were, and forensics proved it. The drunk scum bag still...
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    Alternator problems

    What size was the breaker? Brand & model? Fuses should be used for this application, not a breaker, at 140% to 150% of the alt output rating. 140% is 230A and 150% is a 250A fuse.. Blue Sea systems does not even manufacture a breaker large enough for an AT165. Thermal Type breakers should really...
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    Alternator problems

    A rectifier failure would be extremely rare in this series alternator. Balmar is using avalanche diodes in these and they are way over-sized. A more common failure is it being over-heated due to the regulator not being set up correctly for the bank..
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    Balmar SG200 battery monitor

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    Alternator problems

    We'll need more information.. How big is the battery bank (Ah capacity)? How low do you discharge it? (11V is grossly over-discharged and can work an alternator really hard) What chemistry is the battery bank flooded, AGM, GEL, LiFePO4? How was the regulator set up/programmed? Where was the...
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    12V Fans - Quiet, Durable

    Our Caframo Bora's are about 15 years old and still going strong..
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    Westerbeke 42b 4 cylinder engine manufacturer

    Most are Mitsubishi but some larger models are Isuzu. Westerbeke however has a contractual agreement with both engine makers and no dealer of Mitusbishi or Isuzu engines is allowed to sell components for a Westerbeke engine.
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    This will help explain it:
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    What is Belt Load Manager set to? What temp is your alternator temp sensor set for? What is your battery bank, brand, model and Ah capacity?
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    Changing SG-200 Advanced Settings.

    Set Ah, set chemistry and use it. For optimal Firefly cycle life 13.2 Float and 14.4V Absorption..
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    I have a Catalina 34. Wanting to upgrade my alternator. The Catalina site shows a prestolite 105 they say will work. Any input, ideas?

    If you want to use that Chinese clone alternator from CD you'll need to convert it to external regulation as the 3/8" belt is going to really suffer. This is why we build our CMI-72-IR model..
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    Yanmar alternator loosens way too often

    This article may help: This is how we lock down tension arms..