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    motor stops..

    I also had this problem. I opened the cockpit sole, started the engine and noticed that the fuel in running to the filter was white and full of foam. The engine stopped after 1-2 minutes and after waiting for a few minutes I could start again. The problem was that the socket that connects the...
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    Sebastian, I looked at both the Simrad (299 EUR) and ST1000+ (329 EUR) and decided to pay the extra 30 EUR for the ST1000+ because of the NMEA/Seatalk interface and AutoSeastate (built-in software to filter out wave movements). It also has a LCD display with a compass but since this is...
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    agree for most cases. notebooks are cheaper, optimized for low power consumption and easier to service/swap because they are often backed up by an international service organization or dealer network. downside is that they are more prone to seawater and more fragile in general. if you do a lot...
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    Raw water leak from the rear of the Combi

    Marco, Here is my best guess and resolution: There is an inner drive shaft which powers the propeller and an outer shaft linked to the control tube, which controls the pitch of the propeller. The run with the same speed but the outer shaft can slide a few cm over the inner shaft if you...
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    Cockpit Sole Fastener Solution

    Hi Thomas, I use a black foam strip 30mm wide and 4mm thick purchased at a marine store (approx. 3 meter if I remember well). One side has an adhesive. You can put it on the cockpit floor panel edge and cut openings for the bolts. I also noticed that a firmly sealed and fastened panel...
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    Engine stalls because of air and foam in fuel line

    Thanks Steve and all others that have replied... I was about to follow your suggestion but then it turned out that the solution to the problem was even simpler: When I was about to empty the fuel tank I noticed that I could move the fitting of the stopcock to the tank by hand. When I run...
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    Radar antennas, Seagulls. . .yuck.

    owls are smart and therefore attract a lot of other animals that need advice. it is better use a parrot instead. the seagulls will leave before they can dispose their droppings because they get bored by all the talking.
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    Mainsheet traveller bolt

    Maybe it is an idea to enhance the existing system by replacing the traveller rail end bolts with eye bolts, fix a 6mm line and connect the other end to the slider using a small block with V-clamb on both sides. this way you can pull the traveller towards you after tacking.
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    Engine Insulation, Fuel Line

    John, There is a description on how to overhaul the combi on: I have just gone through the process myself because I needed to take out the prop shaft to replace the stern bearing and decided to overhaul the combi at the same time...
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    Temperature Sender

    If the temperature gets too high it will close and creates a connection to engine body (negative/mass). if you take the wire leading to the sender and put it against a metal part of the engine the temperature warning light should go on. Maarten V2904
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    Fuel Usage for Albin Vega equiped with diesel

    My experience is approx. 1.5 liter/hour at 4 knots and 3 liter/hour at 5 knots with an MD6B. Maarten V2904
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    installing a new toilet and holding tank..

    Chris, I did not have a problem with reading the display so far. The LCD display is 10 cm diagonal in size and the depth is shown in digits of approx. 1 cm high. The LCD also has backlighting and an acousting depth alarm. A drawback compared to traditional depth sounders is the bulkiness. Not...
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    Main Sail Slides

    I just purchased the 15.8 mm mast slides:
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    Cockpit Sole Fastener Solution

    Today I implemented a very simple and cost-effective way to solve the cockpit sole fastening issue, using 8 brass expansion plugs. They have an internal M6 thread and 8mm outside diameter and can be purchased at almost any hardware store. 1. Drill out the existing holes to 7mm. 2. Take a 8mm...
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    Running Rigging Replacement

    My current rigging for the main sail and genua consists of a steel cable with approximately 7 meter polyester rope at the end. The latter part needs replacement. Any ideas on whether it is better to just replace the polyester rope at the end or replace the entire steel/polyester combination...