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    Joaquin Prep?

    I went through that scenario last winter. The boat next to me had a derelict owner. His boat broke loose after using some sort of "clothes line" type quality lines. He did some damage to my boat before I could get over there. The marina finally had him kicked out.
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    Joaquin Prep?

    If you are that worried, get a couple friends/family to help. I have recovered boats when the entire marina and parking lot have been washed out. It's not very hard..... but just a real PITA.
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    Joaquin Prep?

    Just came back from the marina. Doubled up all lines, and removed my portable fuel tank from the cockpit. Let er blow! Nothing I can do about it sense worrying. Nothing on my old boat that can't be fixed anyways.
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    Leak Around Mast Base

    I used the wax from a toilet ring last fall, and have not had a drop inside the cabin since. It stays soft and gooey for years, and is hidden by the boot. I'm not sure of how a Hunter is configured at the mast/deck area, but it worked very well on my 26' Islander.
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    Mercury 9.9 Hurting my Season: Advice Needed

    Great thread. Been around engines all my life and still pick up on little tips and ideas from threads like this one.
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    Blue Smoke

    2800 rpms with no load? I'm not surprised that you got smoke. No load = no heat. Diesels need a load on them. The blue smoke you are experiencing is from fuel not being burned completely. We used to call it wet stacking on Navy Tugs, and it has caused many a stack fire from excessive...
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    How does a prop shaft break?

    I had a new shaft made once for a small boat by the machine shop on a sub Sub Tender. The shaft key was installed by a "know it all" while I was on leave. He didn't listen when I told him not to use the old key be cause I could feel to much side to side movement in the keyway. I instructed him...
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    Boat Insurance

    That's about what I am paying also with the same company, although mine is kept at a marina.
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    Vent line kinked

    Someone wasn't paying attention when they were working on it. I can't imagine anyone intentionally kinking vent line.
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    It only takes a few seconds to close a sea cock. I have seen 2 boats sink in the past year due to sea cocks being left open, and the owners not paying attention to hoses and connections.
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    Mercury 9.9 Hurting my Season: Advice Needed

    Thanks for sharing the link. I have been wondering why people have been having so many issues. My primer bulb is not orientated correctly either, but my 8 HP Tohatsu runs fine. My tank does pressurize after a 30 minute run, so I crack open the cap for a few seconds to relieve the pressure. I...
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    Strange stuffing box behaviour..

    Yes........ excellent time for repacking. Check the rubber hose/pipe to make sure it still allows for a tiny amount of flex. Leave the packing loose until you are back in the water. You might already know this though.
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    Strange stuffing box behaviour..

    I have seen them drip, and I have seen them dry after sitting idle. If he has flax rings, it is nothing to freak out over when you see a occasional drip when sitting idle over time.
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    Strange stuffing box behaviour..

    I would be worried if it were not dripping while running (turning). Sometimes a idle shaft can get a little "slurry" in between the packing and shaft. There isn't much water pressure, so left over time the slurry turns into almost a gel, but after the shafts turns again it will break down and...
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    How can I identify nylon vs. non-nylon line?

    I have quite a few nylon dock lines, a few poly.....even a few hemp. The nylon material feels much softer to the touch regardless of the strands or braid type.... and are easier to tie off? The poly material, braided, or 3 strand lines are a bit more rigid and slippery. I rarely use any poly...