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    Best boat transport? Key questions to ask?

    I am fairly certain the C 30 had a Keel stepped mast. Which means it will have to be place in the boat by a crane. As a point of information, we dropped the mast on a Catalina Capri 26, by hand, two guys on the boat, me, 6'3" 195 lbs, holding the halyard to lower the mast. When the two guys on...
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    Port lights

    Check McMaster Carr or Grainger. You can find O ring stock in a variety of sizes. O ring stock is basically a long string of "rubber" which is cut to form O rings. Guessing Vetus would be metric. Bowmar hatch gasket is "D" shaped and crazy expensive, but you can find something similar at one of...
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    Deck compression under in and around the mast collar

    Check the C-30 boards, or call Catalina. This is a fairly common early C-30 issue. I agree with Don, that using wood in a wet environment doesn't sound like a great idea, but I don't think they expected boats to last 40+ years back then. Hunter had a better idea, they used a mild steel "I" beam...
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    Cabin lights and electric head

    Myth only if you have lived with Japanese cars. Anyone of a certain age, who has had dealing with certain British, German or Italian car, those who still fear the name Joseph Lucas, know that it is real. Ricambi Originale for early Alfa Romeos
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    Advice needed. My rigging is maxed on the turnbuckles and not tight.

    I agree it is most likely older, stretched out wire rope, but given it is a deck stepped mast, I'd suggest that you take a look at the compression post, or what ever is directly under the mast. I have seen a few boats with missing or "collapsed" compression posts, which will allow the deck to...
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    Danforth Constellations Compass

    Check the Ritchie website. I had ny Globemaster done a few year back, under $200. if I remember. I think they have a set price for compass refurb. there should also be a list of authorized facilities. I found one near me, so drop off and pick up, no worrying about shipping a compass. They did a...
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    +1 on monofiliment. There is nothing special about the line, and it is routine to replace it every 3-5 years. I've had a dutchman for about 10 years and love it. Check the web site they used to have the install manual on line for download. If you can't find it, PM me I have a PDF somewhere. Once...
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    Diesel fuel lines

    Long shot, but when I needed to do mine I did not have the squeeze bulb handy. I quickly tired of trying to use the lift pump. I did have an unused metering pump for West system epoxy. It happened to fit the line perfectly, and bled the system very quickly. Maybe not the perfect solution, but...
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    Catalina 30 thoughts?

    Older C 30s also had wooden spreaders, which need attention if not replacement. should have plenty of food for thought.
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    Loose Rigging on a V222 The two SBO threads seem to indicate 4 inches at the boom 6 inches at the deck. It will get...
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    Loose Rigging on a V222

    The rake on a V 222 is determined by weighting the main halyard and measuring against the boom. I think it was 6 inches or so, but I sold my 222 12 years ago. You can find an owners manual on line or call Blue water yachts. Sumner is correct the 222 had the vernier shroud adjusters. Someone must...
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    How to re-install a keel

    We did a friend's with two floor jacks and a frame as in post six. Piece of cake. One jack under the front, one under the rear so we could control the angle. The frame kept it from wobbling. A lot easier than it looks.
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    Yanmar Engine Instruments

    Look at tractor parts stores, they are less expensive than Marine parts. Lots of tractors use Yanmars. for the adaptor.
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    Simple LED Conversion

    No argument from me, I was trying to relate what the threads were about without being judgmental. Sorry if I failed at that. I once got trashed for asking about converting my cabin lights to LED and ended up with rants about navigation lights. There ARE USCG regs regarding color temperature and...
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    Simple LED Conversion

    There used to be many threads about converting Nav lights to LED, but I guess they are disappearing as sites are overhauled. There are detailed specifications for nav lights as published by the USCG for meeting international col regs. There may be unpleasant legal consequences if you are...