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    Let's plan a 2016 Spring Rendezvous on Lake Murray

    calling all Catalina boat owners on Lake Murray, send me an email letting me know you wish to participate. Lew
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    Companionway door

    I paid around $900 for the zarcor doors, I think. They have you tube installations guides as well. They have some cool ways to install that I did not consider. It's worth the look. Lew
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    propane tank

    Oops, here is picture. It holds 4 canisters, off the port side of the cockpit.
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    propane tank

    I agree with other post. CNG is safer and hard to find. I have magna grill and use the small green propane canisters. See attached picture. I attached PVC tube to stachion
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    Companionway door

    I have a 1987 C 30. I ordered doors from John at Zarcor at the Annapolis Boat Show. I asked him to customize the doors where they will fold against the cabin instead of against the seat. By doing so, the doors fold back 180 degrees instead of 90 degrees. I feel I will not lose the 10" seating...
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    Instrument panel

    Again, for my 87 Catalina 30... If you are asking about the cockpit instrument panel, you again can call on Seaward. Here are before and after pictures and the bad wiring harness from the panel to the engine components. Their harness has connectors on each end for ease of installation. The...
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    Instrument panel

    I have a 1987 Catalina 30. Here are before and after pictures ofvthe repair to the electrical panel at the navigation station. The panel was purchased directly from Seaward. You can send them the names of the function of the breaker, as well. I customized the panel to meet my needs. Seaward...
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    Edson Binnacle Steering Lubrication

    You may find it here.
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    Eno Stove Top

    Norm, Have you considered a local cabinet maker? I found one who cannot wait for my next projects as boats are a challenge to him because there are few similar corresponding angles on a boat. In the meantime, you can get card board and mock up the look you want. Try different configurations...
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    How I made my M25XP quiet.

    Greeting to all, I have a 87 Catalina 30. After reading all of this thread over the months, I purchased the Kubota air Intake and did a dry fit. Interestingly, the motor was a little quieter at 1000 RPMs and significantly quieter at 1800 RPMs and above. I will install it just right of the...
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    AC Condensate Diversion

    To Marco, I am very interested in your pictures especially the run from the bilge to the Venturi and beyond. If I understand this correctly, the Venturi is removing the small amount of water in the bilge that the sump pumps can not get to... Thank you in advance, lew
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    Control panel access to wiring

    You should be able to remove the four screws which holds the panel to the fiberglass of the recessed area to gain access. The rear lazerette does not provide much access and the large port lazerette has a rear wall just before the cockpit panel. This explanation is based on 1987 Mark II design...
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    Sweet spot in diesel

    I am on fresh water. Lake Murray in Columbia, SC. The lake has 500 miles of shoreline. It's 13 miles long and 3.5 miles wide at the widest part. We typically raft up with four other sailboats at a cove named hurricane hole, 4 miles from my marina. Usually sail there and stay as long as...
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    Sweet spot in diesel

    Two things: Install new motor mounts for vibration reduction Install air filter system that Aaron discussed in previous thread to reduce engine noise I plan on going on the hard to bottom paint early next Spring. Will review shaft and propeller then. My Cat 30 gets the shakes around 1800,too...
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    Holding tank vent

    Here is a vent from Beneteau that made sense to me. They have them at the Marion SC plant. They have starboard and port vents so decide how you are going to run your hose before you order if you like this style. The hose can be routed to the top of the vent or straight from the bottom. I think...