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    Mahalo sports newrudder

    Better than new. Just a short hop down the river, seemed like better rudder authority. No prop walk with the autoprop.
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    Mahalo sports newrudder

    No paint on this rudder. It’s basically kings starboard — nothing sticks.
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    Mahalo sports newrudder

    Just one that fit you abilities.
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    Mahalo sports newrudder

    Here is the hole I mentioned earlier. Small intrusion of water. But big hole developed upon probing with screwdriver (5 months after I bent the rudder). John on inside pushing water out hole to dry it.
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    Mahalo sports newrudder

    Just got the rudder head bolted up. Looking good. So far new to me autoprop, shaft,cutlass, PSS dripless, coupling, steaming chain/wire rope. Also polish/wax hull. And fixed hole where rudder crushed some glass Need to install quadrant and tiller for autopilot. Paint under pads. I’ll...
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    Ranger 12 resurrection

    A tail of wo. After polishing the hull, painting the inside and refreshing the running rigging we took it for a sail in lake Sammamish Not much wind but ok. perfect docking under sail. Went to get the trailer and in line to go to the pull out started forward and stopped for a group of...
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    Orientation of fuel vacuum gauge?

    John had two problems. 1) he bought a boat that wasn’t fueled for several years. 2) his tanks are so big that unless he motored to Alaska and back he would empty them. He’s changed filter more times than you’ve fueled up
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    Circumnavigation Vancouver Island 2020 Cruise

    John has talked me into joining him for some of the beginning. But I can’t abandon by beautiful bride for 45 days. Probably meet up at Montague Bay and go up to Desolation Sound before heading back to Everett.
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    Balmar SG200 Problem

    My SG200 is working fine now. I think the SOH issue goes away as you go thru more deeper discharge/charge issues, and don’t expect +- 1%. I really like time to charge/ discharge screens.
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    P42 Mystery

    Condensate loves to form on “skylights” we found that they rained on us last year on our winter cruise. Also on the inside of the glass port lights.
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    Exhaust Riser "mixing elbow" questions

    It should be black iron pipe. You don’t want to poison yourself slowly if you use galvanized — I wouldn’t assume it ok.
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    Even with the anemic 35A alternator or a 20A shore charger you can run the fridge and charge batteries. The fridge only takes ~3-5A when running and only runs part time. I don’t know what you consider slow but my FLA’s can accept 60+ amps in bulk. AGM’s and newer battery chemistries will...
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    replacement rudder for 1988 Mk2

    I’m going with Rudder Craft. Solid HDPE so no foam to get wet.
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    I have a dual thermometer with max and min to tell me about problems.
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    Bob I installed the BS LVD putting it between the Circuit Breaker and the fridge. I had two occurrences wher I lost shore power and came back to completely flat batteries. Not good for fridge or batteries. It’s fairly easy to install but lots lo wires to run. In addition to the disconnect...