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    Hunter 49 Variprop

    We too have a Flexofold, 3 blade, and would highly recommend folding over feathering. Performance under sail and power is amazing, zero maintenance other than cleaning and changing zincs, significantly lower cost over feathering and much less chance of fowling under sail catching netting and...
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    Help with a fresh water system issue

    Agree with others that it sounds like a leak on the suction side of the pump. For their more recent models, Hunter uses pex fittings called Flair-it instead of Whale or Sharkbite type press fittings. Flair-it fitting use a rubber washer which can degrade over time. They can be easily crushed...
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    Victron Smart Shunt

    I installed the BMV-712 Smart, which is basically the same unit with a display, this past June in my Hunter. Basically same unit with a display, although I never permanently installed the display, preferring to access the information from the iPhone app. I learned so much from about my...
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    Electronics Ugrades - best approach?

    One more consideration for upgrades is the ability to upgrade software on all components as new versions for bug fixes and features are released. All brands allow some version of integrated system wide upgrades through the MFD, either via a memory card or direct over wifi on techie internet...
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    Can you identify this?

    Lol, very observant. That’s the end of this thread.
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    Deck leaks on Marlow Hunter 37/40

    Bob R., looks like you have it covered. I've learned a lot about my boat over the past 6 seasons and must say that as time has past I enjoy the boat more each year. Sealing the windows and having a dry bilge has been a game changer as the boat has finally lost that musty moldy smell. Would be...
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    Battery Data

    How many amps were you drawing and for how long since you shut the diesel down at anchor when you read the voltage? In other words, how many amphours had you drawn down from the batteries since you dropped the hook and cut the alternator? At 12.2V I'd (very very rough) estimate that you've...
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    Deck leaks on Marlow Hunter 37/40

    This is an update to the above. Following my post I removed the port side windows and rebed as per MH instructions. It was a big job. The windows virtually peeled off as the caulking seal had almost completely failed. It appeared to me this was because of the primer on the windows and...
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    Adding a bowsprit

    W This looks amazing. Well done. What keeps it from folding up when in use? Is there a reason you didn’t cut a hole in the top to accept the D-Ring on the middle section when folded?
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    Replacing Lowrance Depth and Speed gauges - upgrading to include temp and wind

    Your decision for the display(s) (for speed, wind, etc.) will come down to personal preference. If your CP's software is still being supported by Garmin with software upgrades, then stick with Garmin on the display(s) as long as you keep them backward compatible (software wise). That way...
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    Replacing Lowrance Depth and Speed gauges - upgrading to include temp and wind

    As long as you convert through a gateway the NMEA 2000 signal from the Ultrasonic sensor to your NMEA 0183 equipment on your boat, it will work.
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    Replacing Lowrance Depth and Speed gauges - upgrading to include temp and wind

    @tinabastien Your NMEA is a communication protocol. Won’t have a manual or a device. It’s the language that all your instruments are talking on the sending wires. There are two protocols and several manufacturers have created their own proprietary cabling and naming for their versions. The...
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    Replacing Lowrance Depth and Speed gauges - upgrading to include temp and wind

    You can use pretty much any knot log, depth, temp sensor and wired wind instrument you want. Go wired as the wireless may or may not talk to your CP. Most of the wired ones still talk NMEA 0183 not NMEA2000, so you’ll need a converter unless your CP has an input for NMEA0183 (most do not). As...
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    US Spar furler drum removal

    Go to ZSpars website and download their instructions for removing / servicing the furling drum and replacing the furling line. If I recall correctly, you’re not supposed to remove that bolt. The drum lifts up and then out. Be careful that the fuller doesn’t drop by tying it off through the...
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    2008 Hunter 38 Anchor rode length

    If you’re planning on overnight anchoring, rather than just day-hooking, then go with a minimum of 100 feet of chain and another 100-150’ of rode and upgrade that anchor to at least 20kg (follow manufacturer’s recommendations + 1 size up for your boat size and displacement). With this setup you...