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    sail cover

    Ill drop a plug for Sailors Tailor. They do great work and I love my C22 mainsail cover.
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    1987 Cat 22 Fuel Compartment Leak

    To fill gelcoat cracks open the cracks with a Dremel, mix up new gelcoat, and apply. It's not that hard to do and Boatworks Today on youtube can walk you through the process. Gelcoat cracks however have nothing to do with structural integrity or leaks. It is simply a topcoat. It looks like...
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    1987 Cat 22 Cockpit Fuel Tank Lazaret Floor Leaks

    The Fuel Locker on your boat is part of the deck mold. Access to it is easily gained in the space behind the table area. Take some sidewalk chalk and mark around the area. Then using a hose try to heavily wash the compartment from the outside. where the chalk is gone you will find the leak...
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    Looking for a swing keel - Found

    Check the Catalina 22 facebook group as well. they come up every so often as boats are scrapped. Additionally I would contact the salvage yards as @Dave Groshong mentioned. In Florida you should have plenty of options.
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    Racing Rules

    I love the image this produces even if it is unsportsman like! I also agree that I see no rule about keeping an anchor on the bow although I can see a danger if the anchor snagged something in a close crossing. Then again I have almost had my whisker pole snag a stay on a boat down wind before...
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    Sailing to Catalina Island?

    Looks like a great trip. Keep the pictures coming! as for the light why not just borrow a chair and send someone up the mast to get it or pull up alongside a pier and have someone reach over with a boat hook?
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    Determining Trailrite C22 1982 VIN

    Yes you can call the factory and they will take questions regarding an older boat. I actually have found them quite helpful in the past. You can also email them. That said likely they have no records of trailers and boats as they changed vendors through the years and no one knows if your...
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    San Pedro to Two Harbors in a 19' Mariner

    I think we are saying the same thing. It’s not that he will break a mooring but a new person to the island often ties to tight to a mooring causing undue chafing on the line or damage to the individual boat. I’m my time there I have seen a 30 foot boat move the weights on the bottom from being...
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    San Pedro to Two Harbors in a 19' Mariner

    while this is true harbor patrol likes to reserve the larger moorings for appropriate sized boats. Vessel’s that are too short typically pull too hard on the string line damaging their boat or causing undue strain on the mooring. Remember many of the moorings are privately owned and owners...
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    San Pedro to Two Harbors in a 19' Mariner

    In your small boat they will likely put you n the string line close to shore. The other moorings are going to be rigged for boats much larger than yours.
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    Sailing or not

    Some people quit racing because they get tired of losing to the same people. That though has more to do with a badly (my opinion) managed race PRO who does not actively manage ratings to keep boats competitive and adjusting them often (like Bi Yearly). Yacht clubs are for sure in decline as a...
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    How to correct time for PHRF?

    its a sad reality I'm afraid. Thanks for helping me understand how to calculate my time. After playing with the math a bit I think i finally got it.
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    Sailing or not

    I would say it also come down to performance. Many a sailor / racter give up when they cannot perform to the abilities they once had or the expectations they place on themselves. On the flip side new sailors often die off quickly after undertaking to large a project and becoming frustrated...
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    How to correct time for PHRF?

    It makes since the problem is I am the only boat that has such a high PHRF number. It’s also why I haven’t joined either of the 2 clubs on the lake (24 mile long section of the Mississippi called Lake Pepin) since they really don’t seem to attract the smaller trailer sized sailboats. I sure...
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    How to correct time for PHRF?

    I think I have a handle on it now thank you. I always wondered how to do the math as it seemed mysterious whenever it came to calculating times and when I asked how it was done no one could give a clear explanation.