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    Hunter 49/50 bottom paint

    Could someone give me an idea how much bottom paint they used for a Hunter 49 or 50. I am getting it done in the Caribbean where a gallon of Micron 66 or 99 goes for up to $700 CAN.
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    Possibly One of My Best Ideas Yet.

    Looks like an excellent set up, which I would like to add to my H50, once we are reunited after our COVID separation. I also want to install your engine coolant impellor fix. I am going to assemble the pieces and take them south with me.
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    H41 aft shower sump-out time?

    Art, did you plumb both showers to one pump using the 2 input head, or use 2 pumps?
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    Considering Hunter 49 Purchase !

    When looking at boats I found the build quality of the Hunter 50 far superior to the Beneteau, Jeanneau, or Catalina. Not even close. Having the best cabin layout was cream on the cake. We only lived on ours for 6 months before we had to haul because of COVID, but the comfort level during that...
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    Hunter 49 Staysail

    I have my Hunter 50 in the Caribbean where 25 to 30 kn is common. I found that sailing a beat in 32 kn with full staysail and slightly furled main provided a very balanced rig. I wanted the staysail so I could easily reduce sail by completely furling the genoa and by using the staysail, maintain...
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    Tank Sizes Hunter 49

    Water-Forward port 56 gal US Water-Aft port 72 gal US Water-Starboard 72 gal US Waste-Forward 25 gal US Waste-Aft 27 gal US
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    Hunter 49 Solar Panel Installation Advice

    As I mentioned, "manifold" is a bit of an exaggeration. The water maker output line runs to the access area above the forward water tank on the port side. Small 1\4 inch fill hoses from each tank are also run to this area. It is simply a matter of diverting the water maker output to one of these...
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    Hunter 49 Solar Panel Installation Advice

    -I climb onto the davits to access the wind generator, there is good access from the sten pulpit seats. I remove the generator from the pole and store it inside for hurricane season. - The wind generator guage displays the power as it is generated, but does not provide the amount generated...
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    Hunter 49 Solar Panel Installation Advice

    Yes 14 gph is correct. The previous owner did the install on the water maker, although I do like the setup and would do it the same way. The existing water manifold is under pressure, which the water make would not like. The "manifold " from the water maker is just a shutoff valve that can...
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    Hunter 49 Solar Panel Installation Advice

    - I have a MarineKinetix 400 watt wind generator mounted on the pole, as seen on the photo below. Its a nice compliment to the solar in the Caribbean where windy nights are common during the winter. - The BBQ cover is just used to cover the plotter. - We remove the wheels when storing the...
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    Hunter 49 Solar Panel Installation Advice

    Our water maker is a Spectra Catalina 340 Z that runs off of 12 volt producing 14 gpm. The main unit is installed under the forward starboard settee shown in the photo along with 2 boxes of filters and parts. The output runs to a small manifold where I can choose which of the 3 water tanks to...
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    Hunter 49 Solar Panel Installation Advice

    I have four 130 w panels mounted above the bimini on my Hunter 50. The four controlers are mounted under the starboard settee. In Martinique I can fully recharge my batteries, make water and run my systems with solar on a clear day.
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    Hunter 50 / 49 oil change pump

    Thanks for the replies. I have left the boat for the summer, but looking at pictures I took before we left, I see an oil change pump breaker in with the battery switches under the settee as mentioned above.
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    Hunter 50 / 49 oil change pump

    My new to me 2011 Hunter 50 has an installed electric pump that drains the oil from the engine and generator. When decommissioning for hurricane season, I could not determine how to get power to that pump. I turned on all 12 v breakers with no luck. I ended up hot wiring the pump directly to a...
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    Potential problem with selden in mast furling

    Art, how did you determine the proper tension on the furler? My furled sail thumps back and forth in the mast at a certain swell frequency and I am having issues when unfurling the sail. It keeps getting folded over on the leach.