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    Survey on C310 #217

    Would that it were that easy. Disconnect the prop shaft. Ease transmission bolts you can access. Pull the engines off the mounts and lift the engine (come-along on board supported above companionway). Disconnect throttle and gear shift. Remove all transmission bolts and lift transmission as...
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    C310 Pedestal guard and new prop question

    The shaft is one inch diameter, tapered. Contact potential prop manufacturers with engine make, model, horse power and transmission make, model. Include gear ratio for both forward and reverse. Get their recommendation for your boat. All props are not created equal. Different blade areas and...
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    Survey on C310 #217

    What transmission do you have? The Hurth transmissions have been known to die at 500 hrs.
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    Below Deck Autopilot

    BTW, I have a Raymarine ST 4000. The person who designed those plastic mounts for the little wheels should be clubbed with a baseball bat.
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    Below Deck Autopilot

    No drag on the wheel. Steering is light and easy. I tighten the band until when you release the lever, there is very light drag from the belt during manual control wheel.
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    Below Deck Autopilot

    The belt slips. I replaced it a year after buying the boat, and over time tightened it on several occasions. When the wind gets above 10 knots the load builds up and the belt slips. If I tighten it more, the rollers inside the wheel mount break. I can fix them by running a bolt through, but that...
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    Below Deck Autopilot

    I have a 2005 C-310 with a wheel Raymarine autopilot. It won't hold going to weather in true wind speed above 10 knots, and has real issues running if there are any kind of waves in Choctawhatchee Bay. This makes it real dicey single handing in winds above 10 knots, because leaving the wheel to...
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    In-Mast Furling Outhaul replacement line

    Catalina Direct says 5/16, 70 ft. But I don't know if that is for the Genoa or Main. I replaced my main outhaul in 2015. I measured the line that was available, counted the turns on the...
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    In-mast furling Outhaul car on boom Rubber Upstand replacement

    Thanks!!! I've had my boat for 5 years and didn't know that part existed. It wasn't there when I bought the boat.
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    Antenna Wire

    The plug above the stove in the cupboard is a GFI. It is the only one in the boat. The plug above and and to the stern of the nav station is not a GFI. I don't know where its wires go. However, this was the only working 110VAC outlet in the boat when the others had no power - and there was no...
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    Antenna Wire

    Well yes, there is. It is about 6 inches away. What is the wire for?
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    Antenna Wire

    I was running down a 110 VAC electrical issue when I found this wire labeled: "ANT REM MAX 0.1A". It isn't connected to anything. I also note the green wire (a ground?) not connected to anything labeled "ATT". They are behind the power panel in the wire bundle to the stern o the compartment...
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    New Extended Catalina 310 Spinnaker Crane

    Beware that the Charleston Spar in-mast furling cross section at the top is different that that of the standard mainsail mast. Whittem's boat is just down the dock from mine. He has the standard rig and I have in-mast furling. The crane drawing for his boat won't work on mine - which is a shame...
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    Firefly Carbon Foam AGM batteries

    My two cents. Given your modest requirements, I think the most cost-affective way to go is buy four deep discharge golf cart batteries (extensively discussed in other posts on this forum) and use your existing charger / solar cells / alternator. I shall now be quiet and gocolor
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    First time boat owner (Catalina 310) with basic questions about electrical and plumbing

    Peggy, there appears to be confusion regarding the freshwater flush. This was discussed between you and me a couple of years back on a threat in this forum. (I have your book). There is a T in the sink drain, above the seacock that drains the sink overboard. This seacock remains closed. The T...