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    Bukh DV8SME

    I think the Bukh folks are still in business, but they don't make anything that small any more.. Their stuff is certified for lifeboat duty around the world..
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    Bulbs needed for Head and Galley I have the same over my sink.. I found replacements at Home Depot.. If you remove it, there will be numbers on the top side that can be used...
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    Repower with Westerbeke or Yanmar?

    The only real problem I have noted with Westerbeke is their parts can be hard to find and more expensive than Yanmar stuff.. if the engine really has 2 hours on it, you'd probably not need stuff beyond the normal maintenance stuff (oil filter, impellers, secondary fuel filters, etc.. ) I'd...
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    Universal M-18 and M-25 hose between fuel injectors

    Ritsim is correct.. That is the return line and is open to the tank on the other end.. On some engines, it might go to the discharge of the lift pump, so max of about 5-6 psi..
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    White smoke 2001 Westerbeke 30B3

    Or if the sea water side of the elbow plugs, the engine overheats. Working that one on mine now.
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    Portable Generator That one has the normal 30 amp plug like your shorepower cord.. AS Benny says, A softstart kit on the air conditioner may be necessary.. usually, the little Honda has to be run in constant speed mode in order to be able to...
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    1987 31 Huntet Hull Leak

    Northshore.. on my boat, I ran my air conditioner sea-water hoses partly through the liner beams.. a crack in a hose inside the liner beam would be tough to spot except by closing the thru hull for the AC pump and waiting a couple of days to see if the water stops/slows appreciably.. Concerning...
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    1987 31 Huntet Hull Leak

    Pretty sure the water he is in is fresh, so tasting won’t be useful. Pontchartrain is brackish, but the Northshore marinas (except Slidell area) are kinda on bayous that are fresh rainwater and some spring water.
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    1987 31 Huntet Hull Leak

    The other place I have heard of leaking is the base of the rudder support tube .. Cockpit drain hoses, top and bottom ??
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    1987 31 Huntet Hull Leak

    Do you have an air conditioner running? something like condenser water from cooling water pump? Attached file has the plumbing layout, if still original. You can trace the various hoses from there .. Good luck with it! (the AC would be an add-on so it will not show in these sketches)
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    Electrical Gremlin - strange faint noise

    Mud Daubers?
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    A/C Water Pump Recommendations?

    I have the March mag drive LC3-CP . The first one lasted 20 years. I am on second one now and the newer model appears to have a better cooling coil. The original one failed from coil overheat. I found the new one on eBay at a great price a few years back. My unit runs on dehumidifier mode when I...
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    Hello, new 37C owner here

    Welcome aboard! lots of great folks and good info to be had here.. click on "Owner Resources" and "General Downloads " for some detailed info on components..
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    Plenty storage under the seats/vee berth and in the "cubbies" under the sliding doors on the cabinets. The lazarette is fine for storage. The liquor locker in the chart table holds plenty and glasses.;)
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    battery size for autohelm 1000

    Yup.. that kind of a spec means an average draw of 10 watts IF the pilot is working at 25% duty cycle.. Bad sail trim or rough conditions would mean a bigger duty cycle and more power draw.. so 10 watts is pulling an average 10/12 = 0.83 amperes.. so it'd be pulling 1 amp hour every 1 hour and...