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    Bombay Clipper 31, 1979, portholes

    Welcome! I think those are Gray Marine ports. The parts are available at the store of the Sailboat Owners site.
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    H34 Compression Post

    Yes definitely reseal the step. Carefully check the little pvc standpipe that the wiring goes through and possibly put in a slightly taller one to continue to keep water out of the cross beam. The deck under the step is thick and has an aluminum plate reinforcing that is glassed in. If the wood...
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    Auto pilot installation mounting suggestions

    My opinion is that epoxy is the choice for that one. It generally has a better bond, especially to any existing structure, than polyester resin. That is one place that ya don’t want to come loose!
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    Thanks for the updates.. Really interested exactly where on the tank the crack/leak is.
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    Enhance or replace the O/B motor lift?

    You can try to increase lift by sliding a piece of 1/2" thick wood under the spring ends that are now resting on the stbd side bracket attached to the transom. I don't know if that would be enough, but it would help.
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    Insight on sail condition

    Yup, they look good enough to learn with and sharpen your sail trim controls. Also to learn how to handle and store them.. Then get a new shiny set after a year or so of using the originals. Welcome aboard!
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    What is this?

    I will second that. I have a good bit of time in Flying Dutchman and Lightning boats.. Just a HOOT!
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    More on Maine Sail

    Thanks for the update, Phil. Definitely hope that he continues to improve. Wondering if there is a case to fund Rod's DIY website thru the forum? He has given us a treasure .
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    Kubota Diesel (on the hard) model ZH600B

    These guys have the concept and a product: Sea Flush
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    Tiller “slop” thoughts

    A couple of flat shims about 1/16" thick, one on each side . make them as long as the clevis. It has to be loose enough to lift the tiller . drill them so the bolt holds them in place.
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    1999 Seaward s25 yanmar 1gm10 loose /stripped motor mount bolt repair

    An option: use a piece of flat 1/4" plate (steel or aluminum or stainless) same width as the mount's foot plate and 2-4" longer . Drill the plate and tap it for bolts thru the mount. drill the plate for those lag bolts at the ends of the plate overhang. Line up the tapped holes with the old...
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    Hunter legend 37.5 Port and Stbd rod rigging set up inside the boat

    I agree. If you remove the little trim piece around the rod/nut, you should be able to see a little of the anchor for the rod. if there is no corrosion on top or around the rod threads, you are OK. The way that problems happen with those rod anchors is waater leaking down the rod from outside...
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    Vision 32 side ports?

    Scroll down to the "Surface Mounted" section .. DIY: Replacing Fixed Portlights - Sail Magazine The thick 3M VHB tape is a great thing that allows for movement of the plexi, and it is closed cell, meaning that water won't leak through.. Priming the plexi (3m Primer 94) and the cabin mounting...
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    Kubota Diesel (on the hard) model ZH600B

    Folks will need pictures of the engine to be able to comment, Mark. Best way is to put the raw water intake hose into a bucket of water and have a garden hose ready to fill that bucket after the engine starts. The raw water intake hose will be a 1/2" or 5/8" hose that goes from the thru-hull to...
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    Honda BF50 constantly dies

    Yup.. I think it sounds like a carburetor problem too.. Usually requires pulling the carbs and going through a thorough cleaning ..