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    Boat For The Grandkids

    Thanks again everyone for your responses. There’s nothing worse than having many options! I definitely agree with the “fun factor “ approach to help light a spark of interest. I’ll soldier on and see what happens.
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    Boat For The Grandkids

    Thanks everyone for all the great feedback. I’ll keep my eye on Craigslist and be on the lookout for the boats mentioned. Any other classified I should monitor for boats located within an hour or two of ATL? I’ll also give AYC a call and see if they have a line on any boats. Unfortunately...
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    Boat For The Grandkids

    My grandkids are at the age (10 - 14) where I’d like to introduce them to sailing. I’m located in the Atlanta GA area and find that there’s not a lot of boats to chose from. I learned to sail on a Laser and have a slight bias in that direction. I’d ideally like to spend less than $2500 on a...
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    Draining water tanks

    Bill, I'm not sure if your C400 has the same water manifold system as my C350 has. It is located in the bilge over the keel in my boat. There is a blue one for cold water and a red one for hot. If you have this you can open the drain in the manifold, (the outlet with no hose attached) turn on...
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    Questions about a new 350

    I would like to put air conditioning and an anchor wash down pump on my new 350. Where would you suggest locating the thru hulls for each? Thanks.
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    Thru-hull...fix it or leave it?

    Absolutely fix it Rob, I don't know of any way to fix this problem once the boat is in the water. You will never have a cheaper opportunity that when you haul next month. I completely agree with John. This is an accident waiting to happen. Ken
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    Air Conditioning in a Catalina 350

    I'm going to take delivery of a new C350 next month and have been investigating air conditioning. I've decided on a Mermaid 16,000 BTU unit. Some of you have been kind enough to answer questions via email but I have a few more and hope to utilize the collective experience of forum members. -...