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    Outboard Motor Mount on Stern Pushpit - 2005 Hunter 36

    For sure. I was more referring to the quality of the materials. The metal is starting to rust on mine and the plastic is softer than I would like. But it does the job.
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    Outboard Motor Mount on Stern Pushpit - 2005 Hunter 36

    I have a Lalizas bracket on mine, it came with the lower connection piece. It's somewhat chintzy, but it looks okay and has held our 3.5hp off and on for the last 5 years.
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    LEWMAR Fixed Windows for a 2003/2004 Hunter 36

    I took this picture after replacing the opening portlights to show how crappy the fixed ones look now.
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    LEWMAR Fixed Windows for a 2003/2004 Hunter 36

    I assume the picture in your first post is not your actual model?
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    LEWMAR Fixed Windows for a 2003/2004 Hunter 36

    We have the same issue with our 356. The large windshield still looks pretty good, and I've replaced the opening portlights so they're shiny and new... but the 4 Lewmar fixed portlights all have at least moderate crazing. I haven't found a good solution other than having a plastics shop...
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    Jib furler on Hunter 356

    Hi folks, I took my 356 to the yard last week to pull the stick and remove all the standing rigging to be redone. While it's down I also plan to update the anchor/steaming light fixture, replace the wind instrument, add radar and replace the VHF cable. I spoke to the yard yesterday and they...
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    Hunter 306- can I add refrigeration?

    Hi Peter, I'm not familiar with your model, but I'm guessing the icebox probably has the same insulation whether or not you have the refrigeration option. I'm sure the fine folks that run this site could answer that for sure. The rest of it shouldn't be too bad. Refer to page 64G-2 of your...
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    3GM30F runs rough when starting

    I have. The video was probably the third cold start. I'll be back down to the boat on Friday -- I'll try starting it with the throttle up a bit, see if that helps.
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    butyl caulking

    I can't speak specifically to the 41DS, but would concur with Ralph on butyl. I love the stuff, but I don't think this is the right application. Maybe something like 3M 4000 UV? That way it can be removed/reapplied somewhat easily in the future, unlike silicone-based 795.
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    H36 Battery Charger replacement

    I replaced the old charger on my 356 with a Kisae ABSO AC-1240. I have a similar battery setup with 2 group 27's and 1 group 24. When I bought it a few years ago the pricing seemed much better on these than the ProMariner units.
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    recaulk the main cabin window

    I did this recently on my 356. You may find some of my pictures useful. I have a friend with a 376 that has the single piece windshield like yours. He ended up cutting it into two pieces and left the center...
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    3GM30F runs rough when starting

    My Yanmar is running very rough for about 5 seconds after starting then smooths out: It started doing this immediately after I replaced throttle and shift cables, replaced coolant hoses, replaced fresh water pump, and removed injection pump access plate to clean/lubricate the throttle lever. I...
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    Yanmar 3YM30 Tach Lead Optical or Lead off Alternator

    That was the route I took on my 356, which didn't even come from Hunter with an hour meter. I just left the original Yanmar tach in place and stuck this inexpensive hour meter in the engine bay.
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    Rebedding fixed portlight

    Glad it was useful. Let us know how your aft portlight project goes.
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    Rebedding fixed portlight

    Sounds like you've got it pretty well nailed down. Good luck! Sure thing. Start by removing the 4 screws in the corners of the windshield. Then I used a windshield remover tool to cut out the sealant around the windshield and just under the windshield...