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    That is a great specimen.
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    Ruddercraft Replacement Rudder

    Thanks for the detailed write-up. Do you recall the length you had? Seems that it's still the way to go. Cheaper than OEM, which doesn't offer a warranty that I'm aware of.
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    H260 Rudder Line specs

    Any update on the stock rudder vs. the HDPE one? I'm getting ready to order a replacement for mine so I thought I'd check in to see if you could notice a difference.
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    Hi Tom, I wanted to check in with you from a previous post wherein your 260 was damaged. It...

    Hi Tom, I wanted to check in with you from a previous post wherein your 260 was damaged. It appears that you may have sold the boat. If so, do you know what the buyer intended to do with it? Reason I ask is that I may need a replacement rudder for our 260. I hate to appear cannibalistic...
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    Ruddercraft Replacement Rudder

    Bringing up this old thread for any updates folks might have on the HDPE. 48" or 60". The head of my rudder is deteriorating so I'm starting to look at options, to include repairing it but...if a few more dollars gets me a replacement, I'd rather just do that. 95% of the time I sail Lake...
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    H26 V Berth leak: anchor locker, drain or worse?

    I had a leak in my anchor locker drain earlier this year. As the boat sat on the trailer, it had a slight up pitch. The water would collect in the anchor locker and leak at the thru hull. It would then gather in, what I later learned to be, the cockpit table holder recess in the bow there at...
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    Ag Pilot?
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    H260 Rudder Line specs

    Specifically this one.
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    H260 Rudder Line specs
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    Draining H260 Water Tank

    This is on my list as well.
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    H260 Rudder Line specs

    Out of curiosity, why are you going back to the original rudder? Our original rudder is starting to crack at the head so I was thinking of replacing it with the HDPE blade. I did do the downhaul mod MaxinCalgary suggested. It is well worth it. But, if you leave it down, maybe not worth the...
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    Walking around the marina..uh-oh...

    Agreed. Seems a bit light for that boat so I'd have to look at it very closely.
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    H260 Battery "mount"

    Thanks. I do like the idea of metal. Looks like shipping will be near 4x the price of 2 of those but, still appears cheaper that way than on West Marine. May as well get several for extra to make it more worthwhile.
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    H260 Battery "mount"

    Does anyone know where to find replacement brackets for the strap that holds the battery in place? There are two, black, plastic "strap retainers" on the aft, starboard side compartment. One broke and I can't seem to locate a replacement one on here.
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    260 Battery Location

    We purchased a Goal Zero Yeti 150 with a portable panel. It's nice due to the versatility/portability of it. You can get larger units as well. This is the first year to slip our's so I'm going to try to run a trickle charger off of it to the ship's battery. If that won't work, may go the...