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    Only in Florida

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    So Many Projects, Where to Start?

    Catalina 22 owner mods here
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    Only in Florida

    That's just wrong! :huh:
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    We knew it would eventually happen...

    That is literally a huge responsibility! :thumbup:
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    Only in Florida

    I saw one of these pedalbars in downtown Minneapolis a few years back :biggrin:
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    '77 fin keel

    Has potential ! :thumbup:
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    Mast hauling fees

    Those kinds of costs would have prevented me from ever being able to enjoy a large cruiser. We are blessed with weather and facilities to leave our masts up. When someone needs to unstep a mast, there are several experienced members that will lend a hand. It's a dangerous process that should...
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    Boat graphics

    I'll see what mine comes out to. Thx John
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    Bimini Wind Effect

    Not touching that one :p
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    Wednesday is Cruising Photo Day - 2020!

    I wonder too. That seems like a lot of sail area.
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    Bimini Wind Effect

    :plus: If the admiral isn't in the shade, it's like not having one!
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    Looking for First 405 stanchion bases

    No wonder they cracked. That's a terrible design! They need the extra bracing that comes with most bases to do the job they are installed for. I wouldn't replace with the same part. That's too much money for a $h!!tty design!
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    Funny Friday!!!

    "I asked my wife if I was the only one she had ever been with. She said yes, all the others were nines and tens. …. Give it a minute..."
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    Wednesday is Cruising Photo Day - 2020!

    That's a big sail for that dink !:thumbup:
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    Funny Friday!!!

    I see what you did there. They would never be able to remove it from Amazon :laugh: