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    Can anyone Id this?

    I don't know what it is but I can post it up for you
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    What Is Your Favorite Boat Music and why?

    None. For us it's about the sounds on the water and conversation with friends. In the slip anything (music-wise) goes!
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    recharge freezer/ fridge

    I had a HVAC tech come out to the boat to work on my fridge. He located and soldered the leaking line, evacuated the system and recharged it for about $200. Been working great ever since. It works too well if the t-stat gets set too low.
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    Colvic Countess 28

    There's a Countess Owners Association that might help. It's blocked here at work.
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    Macgregor 25

    And I sold my '92 26S for around $8k at the same time. The berth was the best feature on the 26S. The admiral hated the 'tenderness' of the water ballast system.
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    Happy 246th Birthday, U.S. Navy!

    Happy Birthday Navy! Thanks for the lift! Semper Fi
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    need a full set of cushions for a 88 26D

    Try Blue Water Yachts. They are in your neighborhood. They might have some used cushions you can recover
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    You'll do fine to the ramp and back. People have launched more with less. My 11000 lb boat far exceeds my Suburban's capacity but I haul it to the crane and back twice a year. About 1/8 mile You'll love the C22
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    Diesel Fueling Question

    Interesting. I assumed everyone had a gauge. Mine is on the top of the tank with a sight hole thru the laz flooring.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Imagine what it would have been like only having the sky to navigate by, no accurate charts, in a tiny, primitive vessel. The World According to Columbus c. 1490 (Illustration) - World History Encyclopedia
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    Its funny Friday!

    I'd bet people on Cadence were envious. Every noteworthy scene of an expanse of water pictures a sailboat, not a motorboat
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    Water Heater hoses

    That's an important distinction Don. I added diverter valves to my hot water tank (another thread) supply lines. So I just bypass and drain the tank. The rest of the water supply system gets the pink stuff.
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    Water Heater hoses

    Here's a link to my heat exchanger flush/winterizing thread. The closed system gets pretty gunked up over time. I bought a refractometer to check my antifreeze mix when I was done with the flush.
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    Stern rail for 26S

    Grab it! They are impossible to find! Railmakers builds them but they are $$$
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    Light on Bimini Structure wont turn on. Changed Lightbulb, and checked the connectors for power, there is none. Any ideas?

    It's like a water hose. If no water is coming out, you have to trace back to find the kink or hole in the hose. Work your way back to wherever you can get access and see where voltage ends. It's not blowing a fuse so it's probably not shorted.