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    Boneheaded mistakes & living under a lucky star

    An great story... We saw that same moon here on the west coast, but not as dramatic as seeing it rise over the horizon while at anchor. Thanks for sharing.
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    Tachometer suddenly stops.......

    I see a chilled adult beverage in your future.
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    Bilge pump not running off of the battery

    All of what @kloudie1 indicated... Also have you checked the float switch in the bilge. Wires in the bilge corrode. The junk that finds its way to the bilge, jamb the switch causing a failure. Sometimes it is the simple things. Otherwise get your DVM out and start checking the wires for power...
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    Possible C&C 30 mark 1 buyer looking for advice...

    So you did it... Congrats @Leeward Rail on the new to you boat. Lake Winnipeg will never be the same. Not now that you have your... Leeward Rail .... wet and the boat biting into the wind. :beer:
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    Spinnaker halyard on 272

    @Joe nailed it. :plus: On my 35ftr I manage the halyard at the mast. Prep the sheets and tack, everything on fore deck. Hoist sail in sleeve behind the main. Ready the sheets. Hoist the sock. Head for the helm. Set the course, trim the sail sit back and enjoy the beautiful colors.
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    Just bought a CAL34, question on wiring Depth Finder

    That is great news Heather. I have been reading the book ”The Self Sufficient Sailor “ by Lin and Larry Pardy. In case these names are unfamiliar, they are a couple who adopted a cruising life 40 years ago, before YouTube. The reason I share is the quote Lin made. It is about choosing...
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    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    Will, I feel pain in the mourning that envelops you and your family. At the same time I feel the joy you share in recounting the life experiences of your father. Thank you for giving of these. May you and the family tear asunder the shrouds of grief and rejoice in the lasting memories of the...
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    Tachometer suddenly stops.......

    Greg. Not sure how you have the wiring. Here is what Balmar says about wiring the Tach. Install WHITE Stator-In And Tach-Out Wires When an electric tachometer is used, the alternator’s stator output will provide the electrical pulse needed to drive the tachometer. The MC-614 has been designed...
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    Seventeen Years and Out!

    Can I get one of those Railway Engineer hats too?:biggrin:
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    ground wire in mast

    WOW... Did not take me that many times. It dawned on me one of the (damn again fixit) times that I needed to stop thinking of the boat trailer as a land trailer and start thinking of it like a boat. That is when the lightbulb lit. Scraping and cleaning the ground wire connections could all be...
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    Seventeen Years and Out!

    That is a good idea. I was going to suggest a slow grow mutual fund. but that will work. Additionally, you might consider taking the money you save each month from not having to pay moorage, repairs, budget for new/replacement gear and put that away each month in the same pot. And lastly...
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    Cost to own CAtalina 30

    Worry not... I'll set up the cannons off Clatsop Spit... Lewis and Clarke had a fort there in the day... We will great you as you sail past the "Grave Yard of the Pacific"...:yikes: It will be a friendly cannon salute to mark your passage.
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    I plan to upgrade my plumbing to add pressurized and heated water! Who can help me choose a heater?

    Looking up the cost of the Kuuma I came across this in our Seattle store. They ship free for orders over $99. It may be worth a couple of Big Mac's to check it out. It may also be worth your consideration to check out the Isotherm heaters. They...
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    ground wire in mast

    :plus: To the guidance @dlochner provides.
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    Cost to own CAtalina 30

    A bit overstated. My diver shows up 3 times a year. $1.35 per foot. That includes annual zinc replacement. Is this with you doing the prep/painting or having it done for you? Does that include your Haul costs? Your stay on the hard costs? Good paint (depending on brand) costs about $250 TO...