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    2022 PacificNW Weather Update

    Ok you PacificNW sailors.. Winter is still here, but the weather may allow you to break some ice and venture beyond the marina in the Sound. Perhaps an afternoon sail, or practice with your radar. I'm headed to Florida for the first half of February. I hear they will be having mid 30's to low...
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    Help with halyards at mast head

    The red line was intended to be used as a halyard for a spinnaker, not an up-haul for your pole. Even for that intends purpose, you need what is called a crane to move the Halyard further out forward on the mast head. This is the "stingySailor" set up. Ideally you want to get the spinnaker...
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    Adding an Hour Meter

    :plus: Thank you for making that statement.
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    There is the question, why? When exploring a hobby like auto restoration, the need to make it original is driven by want and show ability. A whole industry has evolved to help the amateur restore his vehicle to "showroom". Then comes the shows and competitions for "Best in Show".:facepalm...
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    3M to make it non-stick on bolts

    This sounds like a first time project. I learned that trying a mock up or test bed is a best practice when trying something new. A board glued together with 5200, and several screws passed through the board using wax, foil, vaseline etc should provide the research answer.
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    Boat History

    Congrats on the new to you boat. Many love their S2 boats. They are fast and fun to sail. Names can be changed easily. Recording the name change sometimes is one of those things that gets ignored in the excitement. One of the values from documentation is the record of title. It is based on the...
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    PNW Cruise Highlights 2004-2014

    Nice video. You look so young standing there standing at your Port Shrouds sailing in the San Juan waters. So many great experiences.
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    New to sailing.... Looking for a first boat..

    You mentioned sailing beyond the coastal waters of the UK. There are a lot of waters to explore. Learning to sail first makes good sense. Certainly the YouTube accomplishments of the UMA couple are a resource. They have sailed in challenging waters. While the online videos are very helpful...
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    Random (cold weather induced) question about sailboat rigs

    In a sloop rig, when you sail Main only you find that there are limits to how much you can go to weather. With a Mast Head rig, which you likely were on, the jib can be (and is often) larger than the sail area of the main. When you unfurl the jib (or raise the jib), the boat points higher, and...
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    SS Minnow???? You photo shop that in?:laugh::facepalm:
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    New to sailing.... Looking for a first boat..

    This group gives you a good mix of solid built and very good coastal cruisers. There are many more that are local builds by English, Scottish, and Baltic sea builders worth exploring.
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    Adding an Hour Meter

    Do it once, do it right. Is my mantra when dealing with marine electrical. Get some proper lengths of wire. Use proper ring connections. Install a small terminal block if necessary. Then you can put the number of wires needed for this connection safely. They make terminal blocks in many sizes...
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    US Coast Guard Auxiliary

    Tater... Not sure why you are having issues. I can guess that your lake is a fair distance from the nearest Coast Guard station. A quick search yielded 9 CG stations in Alabama. Perhaps contacting the nearest one might be more successful.
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    New to sailing.... Looking for a first boat..

    Here is some perspective. I bought a 1974 boat that is good as a coastal cruiser her in the Pacific NW. 35 feet. Ok for a solo sailor. A bit tight for 2. 3 really close friends maybe if thinking of being on the boat for more than a weekend. Cost was £4500. I have refitted her and to day invested...
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    Follow the link and you will be able to read his writings and understand what it is about sails that makes the boat move. Armed with that knowledge you can begin to understand what it means to trim a sail. He explains the technical in terms that are understandable. Knowing what is causing the...