Engineer who has moved around a lot over the years but very glad to land in Huntsville AL to raise my kids. Planning a future of sailing warm waters with my wife, the plan is 10 years out so the C310 is our boat to see how we like it to start with.
State or Province where your boat is moored
Huntsville, AL
Catalina 310 211 RoseLeigh Wing Keel Standard Rig 2003 AL US Lake Guntersville, AL 1976 O'day 25 that we learned a lot on and enjoyed a ton! She has a new home and is being well taken care of now!
I built a extended 13' Mini-Camper Cruiser for fishing creeks and protected water areas.

https://www.portableboatplans.com/mini-camper-cruiser.php I sailed in Maine from 1999 - 2003 on other peoples boats and learned on our first boat, I didn't really know what I was doing! Luckily the old O'Day 25 took care of us and I wised up and got lessons for myself and my daughter. That made a big difference in out confidence and knowledge and we even did our first race and managed a second place. We are moving up now and have a 2003 Catalina 310 in excellent shape and will fit our family of 4 much better for years to come. Male Engineer


2003 Catalina 310, Hull 211
Our C310!