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    B 311 bilge pump float switch

    Cliff: Here are some pictures of the install that I did. Switch is a "Water Witch" Model 101. Bilge Switches - Water Witch Inc.
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Looks great, mark.
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    Edson guardrail extensions

    Hope you get a positive reply as that would be good to know.
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    B 311 bilge pump float switch

    Same here. In my 310, I installed an electronic "float" switch and ran wire to the panel to an ON/OFF/AUTO switch. I don't have any photos of the install but will be on the boat this weekend and will take some and post them up. IIRC, I had to drill a hole in the liner from the bilge to the area...
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    What is this?

    Haley's? :laugh:
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    Survey - Moisture in Rudder / Swim Platform / Deck?

    If the new survey comes up with wet and cracked rudder issues, you could just factor a replacement into your offer. My rudder on the 310 annually accumulates a little water and my annual routine after hauling is to drill a small hole (3/16) at the lowest point to let it drain over the winter so...
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    Mods to our 35s5

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    flush ceiling led lights

    Might check with
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Our table arrangement.
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Zarcor makes a nice cockpit table that attaches to the pedestal and folds down in front of the pedestal. I have one on the First 310. Actually I have lots of Zarcor products on the boat that the PO put on before I bought it. Love them all. Good stuff.
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    Any alternative to Rig-Rite for Amiot replacement hardware?

    Kevin: On my First 310, I rebuilt my Amiot Traveller using off the shelf parts. If you are interested, I can send you information on that. It was a bit of work but far less costly that wholesale replacement of the whole system. Just PM me if you need.
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Looks good, nicely done.
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    Mods to our 35s5

    Like the pedestal setup! Can't tell from the photo what you did with the stainless "hoop" that extended up past the original compass. Pic looks like the top of that is gone. Got any shots from the side?
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    Purchased a Soverel 33 Project Boat

    I looked at one of those before I bought the Beneteau. Wife saw the porta-potty in the "V" of the V-Berth and said "Hell No". :cowbell: