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    Funny Friday!!!

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    Transom to hull crack

    The transom is molded as part of the deck and is attached to the hull with Goop (as Ron20324 indicated). That looks like either the boat backed into something hard or someone drove into it. The problem with the photo is, it looks like the crack is not equal across the split. May be some...
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    Beneteau 361 stiff steering

    That's good news. UHMW is also used in the Beverage Industry for wear strips under the conveyor beds and guide rails. The only reason my rudder needs the thrust washer is because our bearing would allow the rudder to bottom out against the hull without it.. Your photo of the rudder tube shows a...
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    Beneteau 361 stiff steering

    I've seen that style of rudder somewhere..... rickbogh had the same stiff steering with the same style of rudder post #14 and #18
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    Beneteau 361 stiff steering

    The picture showing the lower bushing looks interesting. Was this fixed previous or is that from the factory.? It may be the way the picture is shown, but it looks like the adhesive has bonded the shaft and bushing so the bushing was rotating within the rudder tube. (Just an observation) Also...
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    ProFurler Basic B35 Foil

    Don't see if you are on the American or Canadian side of Lake St. Clair but I get my profurl info from: WPG Canada 169, rang 5 ouest Stoke, Qc J0B 3G0 Tel: (819) 878-3018 / They will recommend which dealer is closest to you and give you the part numbers to...
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    Orca Attacks?

    Nah, He's the son of Edmund
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    110 V plugs not working.

    You must have the Wiring Diagram as shown below.
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    Crash. Pray for these people

    That will buff out just fine:laugh: At least no one was hurt badly.
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    In-Mast Furling Question - Beneteau Oceanis 400

    It looks like your boom is way over to the port side. If you move it towards the centre or to starboard it will not rub. Remember you have a block on the boom just forward of the vang which guides the inhaul line. Just my 2 cents Picture is of a bene 351
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    Wiring Diagrams for a 2009 Beneteau 31

    You probably have this manual BENETEAU OCEANIS 31 Owner's Manual (Page 137 of 138) | ManualsLib It has no wiring diagram. The manual does shows that there are only 1 Red disconnect for the Engine Battery and 1 Red disconnect for the Service batteries, and 1 Black disconnect (Ground). Note that...
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    The kind of year it has been

    Nice, but who is hiding under the table:)
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    Toerail damage B323 finding a replacement

    Or $80 a foot :yikes:
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    Toerail damage B323 finding a replacement

    You need to contact Beneteau USA as there is something on their site as shown below. Looks like it's $260 per meter and it's in stock.
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    Access to behind the cooler box?

    In a couple of Beneteau's and mine the microwave was held in place by 6, double sided sticky rubber pads.