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    What do You know about Rudders?

    Phils foils might have one already made up in Ottawa, but I think they changed their name. Longer and thinner, some area ahead of the shaft to give it balance
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    What is this?

    Lightning is more like 19' and the bow is more plumb. Snipe ? at a guess you have a sail with a logo? That might help
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    Anti slip in cockpit repair, is there a roller to stamp new antislip ?

    Kiwigrip is a brand of non-slip paint
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    A simple list of preparations…

    Kind of assumed prior to sailing to the Hawaiian Islands you will do a few sails to the Catalina Islands. One of the requirements for the single handed Transpac is a 400 mile at least 100mile offshore cruise. This takes 3+ days typically gives people a sense of their energy budget, their food...
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    A simple list of preparations…

    Single handed sailing society Single Handed Transpac information. You will need a boat to start
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    Anyone around Fortman Marina, Alameda?

    Do we get a trip report? Thursday has come and gone. If it went poorly it didn't go so badly as to make the news. I hope it went well.
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    Just bought a CAL34, question on wiring Depth Finder

    The other option is to get Navionics on your phone and just stay away from the shallow areas. Not as good, but better than nothing
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    Waterproof battery and electrical panel

    I don't think it is as bad as all that. Even underwater the battery won't "short out" there will be some current flowing in the water, which is lost to you. Be an interesting experiment.
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    How to wire to charge battery from solar and engine and shore

    Most sources have diodes that in plumbing terms could be considered back flow preventers. So all the sources can dump into the battery and none of the sources will present a load to the active source.
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    Help with B&G systems

    Anything else on the NMEA bus? If anything else works it isn't the cable.
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    Keeping A Sailboat Cool Without Shore Power

    A dip in the water can cool you down. With me swimming somehow lowers my core temp a little bit and allows me to be OK in the heat for hours afterwards. The sun is beating down with 1000W per square meter. Shade is important. Paint your boat white.
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    Keeping A Sailboat Cool Without Shore Power

    fans, airflow in general.
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    is it hard to tip a sail boat? mcgregor 26s

    Get yourself a Laser, they are very easy to tip. Once you have a keelboat not so much, they can certainly lean but they shouldn't tip. What tips a keelboat is waves, breaking waves can roll you. Wind can put you to about 90 degrees, but then the righting force of the keel is maximum and the...
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    Not to be all cynical and all, but a good surveyor ought to be able to come up with lots of expensive problems on more or less any boat they look at. So that allows you to lower your offer, pointing to the issues found by an impartial 3rd party.
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    Complete New to sailing need help

    I would go for sailing lessons, and if you can't get those try and get rides on other peoples boats. Better to learn from others experience ( accumulated mistakes) than to make them all yourself. Good enthusiasm!