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    Chainplate issue on S2 9.2A

    I had the forward port side lower Shroud bulkhead with significant rot. All others in fine shape. I cut out the aft tab and removed all the plywood leaving the forward tab in place. Used that renaming tab and glass to make a pattern for new plywood. Used 2 layers of 3/4 inch plywood...
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    S2 9.2 head door sticking - compression post issue?

    Thanks for all the feedback
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    S2 9.2 head door sticking - compression post issue?

    It’s on the hard currently. Is this something that would be fixable if it was floating? Having boat stay on the hard will not be easy if I buy at as the marina I would use does not have storage during the season as they use parking lots for winter storage that have to cleared of boats shortly...
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    S2 9.2 head door sticking - compression post issue?

    I am looking at buying a 1983 S2 9.2A and I noticed the head door was sticking slightly in frame Is there an easy way to see if the support under compression is rotting. There are not outward signs of water infiltration on the post or sole local to post. I did see some stress cracks in mast...
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    Mast step area