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    South Puget Sound canvas (besides Iverson)?

    Recommend Lonnie Esterbur 253 359 7486 DBA Canvas Loft in Tacoma.
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    Low Profile mattress

    The most economical way is to get a standard size foam mattress and then trim it to fit. A good tool for that is an electric carving knife. Underneath install hyper vent or equivalent, it really does work For a Vee berth the triangles cut off the bottom can be glued onto the top to make up the...
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    New to Forum - 1984 37c composting toilet

    I had that exact same issue when we acquired our HC 37 back in 1999. I removed the old tank by accessing it through the storage bin under the vee berth on the starboard side. Using what I had, I used a hole saw to make multiple overlapping holes to cut it up, and then just beat it into pieces...
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    Flawed Logic?

    No doubt that is a slip of the finger and you actually mean approx. 23.5 degrees. But why does this favor the Northern Hemisphere?
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    Should I add fiberglass

    My 1976 Clipper Marine 23 developed a bunch of blisters starting in about 1989. None were bigger than a quarter. On being popped a liquid smelling like resin came out. For 2 years it was an annual event to scrape them out, dry with a hair dryer, sand and paint with polyester resin. None of...
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    Folding Prop?

    It has been 16 years since we installed a flex-o-fold on our HC-37 and we have had zero problems. I would guess over 2000 hours of operation.
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    Eno Stove Burner - bad mixture.

    You do have a working carbon monoxide detector?
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    Soft deck spot repair: Never do anything for the first time!!

    Take courage,it may not be as bad as you fear. We did a big project to replace all the portlights and had to deal with a lot of water damage in the plywood. Once we scraped out all the soft wood I went at it with a hair dryer and then just left it for a few weeks. (I made up temporary covers so...
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    Dinghy floor replacement

    I considered starboard for boarding steps but was advised against by Tap because it is super slippery and “nothing sticks to it”. Now that material is available with a non skid finish. Google diamond pattern.
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    De Persia Automatic Bailer

    Long ago on a continent far far away I installed Elvstrom self bailers (Rig Rite $79). The equivalent is available from West Marine and others as Anderson. They realy worked well. Alternatively there is an all plastic one from Amazon...
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    The last time I changed the oil in my Yanmar 3QM30 I got interrupted after I had pumped the oil out and before taking off the oil filter. When I got back to it more than 30 minutes later it came off with no mess. I have not repeated this but certainly intend next time to leave it to sit for...
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    Running hot

    No. Read either the Wikipedia article or look at the table again. The reasons for using anti freeze are: Anti freeze (really) High Boiling point (Not so much) Lubrication of the water pump Prevention of corrosion
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    Running hot

    dlochner said At a personal level, understanding why and how something works is far more valuable to me than simply knowing a fact, it is far more valuable to understand the benefits of and the mechanisms by which AF works than to simply know that I should put AF in my freshwater cooled diesel...
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    Engine lift - 1984 Hunter 37C

    Sail SFbay has provided a link to a really good read. To be honest if you are not sure what engine you have you need to do some homework before you open up your wallet. Follow the recommendations in the link to precisely determine the source of the leak. Get a good flashlight and a mirror to...
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    Oil change, there's got to be a better way.

    The last time I did this I got interrupted just after sucking the oil out. When I came back about 45 minutes later and unscrewed the filter no oil came out. This will be standard procedure henceforth. Was doing it with a hot engine.