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    Leaking Muffler

    You do need to know that running out of water will ruin the cutless bearing.
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    New to me needs some work (advice)

    Exposure to Oxalic Acid can cause headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, convulsions, coma and even death. ► Prolonged or repeated contact can cause a skin rash, pain, redness, blisters, and slow healing ulcers. On the other hand, elbow grease is: Free Good exercise Harmless to the...
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    Fuel delivery issue

    Tell the make and model of your engine.
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    Safe to mount screws in the bilge?

    What is the reason for the anti siphon loop?
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    How hard is it to replace a prop annode while the boat is in the water?

    Find a diver who is already performing services there. The marina should be able to give you a reference. Take the boat to a dock where the diver you have found is performing services. In the long term this needs to be solved because regular cleaning is an ongoing requirement.
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    Rig Shimmy

    What you described sounds more like mast pumping. It can be scary. Suggest you google that
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    Using Google Earth to Scope Out a Marina Fairway Clearance

    Additional boggling can be attained by exploring street view and seeing how many millions of miles in all parts of the planet have been documented.
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    hunter 49 power in the UK

    What Rick Web said is true. Once you have got the right plug at the shore end all will be OK.
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    Using Google Earth to Scope Out a Marina Fairway Clearance

    More than a decade ago, as an experiment, I used Google Earth to find and measure the length of a whole bunch of NFL football fields. The results were amazing, accuracy to within inches.
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    H34 lifeline

    Put it/them where they will serve you best. My personal experience is there are times when direct access into the cockpit is really nice and we use it almost every time we are moving laundry, groceries, fuel etc. Stepping over the lifelines at midships is easy. The best is both if you are...
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    H34 lifeline

    We have two gates each side for a total of eight pelican hooks. When arriving or leaving with all ones clothing, food, drinks and other stuff it is most convenient to lift it directly into the cockpit. For pumping out, filling tanks or general docking it is helpful to have the gates at the...
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    Weld broken Strut?

    Dan, 1 FWIW my strut was fitted with a zinc by the previous owner. Some have expressed doubt as to the value of this but I have maintained the practice. I would be interested in others opinions. 2 Your experience with this problem will be of interest and value to other owners of HC 37's. By...
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    Port Lights: Who made these?

    They are New Found Metals Tri Max
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    tachometer not accurate

    I cured a similar problem by judiciously putting a small drop of deoxit d5 on each terminal and then reseating them. The reason for judiciousness is that stuff travels and permeates and I have ruined clocks and scales with it
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    Main sheet diagram

    Hi Dan, mine is the same as above, John