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    H26 from lake to sea

    Beautiful Puget Sound !!!!! It’s deep , lots of currents and adventurous , sailors dream !!!! Watch out for orca pods !!!!!
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    H23.5 sliding hatch

    Looks nice !!!! Previous owner step on his slider and broke it . He replaced it with 1/4 in clear plexiglass with tint film . He also use a piece of kitchen cabinet laminated particle wood for the slider top handle . A couple good rains in Florida and it swelled to 3 times it’s original size ...
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    H23.5 sliding hatch

    I bought 1/2 in for mine ,dark smoke . I don’t know where or what are the bumpers ?? Mine are missing !! Pics ????
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    Hunter 23.5 Mast Raising with Roller Furling

    I have the same CDI furl system . It’s a little bit of a hassle while raising the mast since it wanders all over the place while your raising the mast , but after that it’s a joy for all the advantages over a hank on , single handling is the main one !!! Cover the drum with a insulated bag , the...
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    entry hatch slider

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    entry hatch slider

    Hey what was the dimensions of the slider hatch and was black smoke tint ??? Joe
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    H23.5 sliding hatch

    Can you give dimensions of the the slider ??? Cost and shipping ??? Pictures??? Very much appreciated what ever you can provide!!!!! Joe
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    H23.5 sliding hatch

    Anyone know if anybody parting out H23.5 . I need a sliding hatch for my companion way .
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    H23.5 companionway sliding hatch

    What are the dimensions of the sliding hatch thickness, width and length. Also , smoke color dark or light ??
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    Trailer tongue weight

    If it’s the hunter water ballast boat trailers , you can’t add weight to the trailer . You have to get the bost more forward of the axle . I’m trying to move my H23.5 trailer bow stop/winch and ladder assembly forward about a 12 inches Sliding it on to the extender and adding 12 inches of square...
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    Questionable Ethics for a Water Ballast Boat

    Is it possible inside the water ballast tank to form blisters ??????
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    Some play in the spreader bar connection to the mast spreader bar bracket normal or not ??????
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    H23.5 Centerboard Bracket Bolt Stuck

    I’ve been around seized, corroded, cross threaded , broken threads, bolt extractions , retaps , and dye situations on bolts and fasteners for 35 years plus , marine and automotive. Make sure you get the highest grade quality stainless steel bolt , there’s definitely a difference, and Home Depot...
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    H23.5 trailer

    Did you dry the battery in the v berth on top of the water ballast tank ????
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    H23.5 trailer

    Can you please explain how a steep ramp is more advantageous???? Joe