Like many of you, I do as much of my own maintenance as I can, yet there never seems to be enough time. I would rather sail than work on the boat so I will be out sailing with the hatch needing some paint, etc. She may not look pretty to you, but she does to me. Next winter I will give her the attention she needs...rebedding the life line stauncheons, cutting out wet deck core, replacing the keel bolts and fairing the keel. Already done: rebedded most of the deck hardware in butyle tape after potting the holes w/epoxy, replacing the starboard bulkhead and reinforcing the chainplates. I have also added a furler on my headsail, planning on sewing the new boltrope myself. Along with the stancheon mounted fairleads for the furler line, I added snatchblocks for the spinnaker sheets.

Additional upgrades include 2-10 watt solar panels, charge controller, electric bulge pump and a thruhull for the discharge.

On the Venture, I removed the furler, replaced the bent mast, built a gin pole to raise the mast, added a spinnaker, moved the traveler to the stern, raised the centerboard winch mounting board, replaced the winch with a new braking winch, reinforced the motor mount, added 3M command adhesive straps to hold my coiled halyards and added the necessary blocks for spinnaker handling. Also added a boom vang.
October 30
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Plymouth, IN
Ranger R26 Starlight Finder 1974 MI US Muskegon, MI 17' Sears Aluminum Canoe, Macgregor Venture 21 Sailed some in college sailing club, years ago. First time owner. Male Medical Device Designer