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    What is wrong with my sail?

    Show us a picture of the other side. We can't really tell from the angle you're presenting.
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    Cam cleats for jib sheets??

    This is what I meant by an open cam cleat on a riser. If the line is low to the deck when you release it, the top wrap can drift down over the stack... may or may not be an issue to some folks, just sayin'... but the big advantage of the riser is the ease in up/down line motion to engage and...
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    356 Jib sheet keeps getting caught in the rigging

    The same exact problem, for another boat model, was discussed this past week. There is a gap between toggle and tang that catches the line..... so eliminate the gap by installing a spacer/washer on the inboard side of the tang to push the toggle jaws inward so the outside is flush.
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    shroud covers

    Covers for what?
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    Cam cleats for jib sheets??

    Put the cam cleats on risers to reduce opportunity for over rides. No fairleads on cleats... making them NON captive. The open cleats at proper height allows you to hand strip while on the tiller, until you get the boat on course and use both hands for the final trim.
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    Tighten/loosen stanchion nuts with only one person

    If you read my post, I said "if you're replacing stanchions".... which means you would order the bases with square holes. This is an option with garhauermarine stanchions.... don't know about other makers. Regarding the "how" I would imagine they use a stamping press with the appropriate die...
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    Tighten/loosen stanchion nuts with only one person

    Breaking the seal with a socket will be easy.... then tape a flat wrench in place... that should hold it long enough for the wrench to find resistance against the hull or liner as you withdraw the bolt from topside. If you're replacing stanchions, I recommend square holes in the base with...
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    Main sheet twist

    Take a closer look at the head of the block. There should be a method to lock it's orientation or allow free swivel. Here's an excerpt I found in Schaeffer catalogue... may not be yours, but is an example of what you may need to do. Harken and Ronstan use a different method for this depending...
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    Let’s start a conversation about ASA 101, etc. is it helping or hurting?

    If you want to learn to sail, start on dinghies at local schools. Studying stuff online or from books doesn't teach you reaction, balance or motion... when you're in a small boat you feel everything through the tiller and boat's motion.... wind, water, and your actions, get immediate reaction...
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    Cunningham Rigging

    Anchor a "cascade" line at mast... run up through cunningham cringle, connected on other side to 3:1 tackle, 5/16 line is plenty. This way the force will be straight down, rather than pulling to one side if you just hook the line to the cringle. You'll end up with 6:1... plenty of power...
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    Traveler bar

    The stops are exactly what their name implies, to stop the "traveler car" from sliding too far on the traveler "bar" and jamming at the bend. However, the gist of gtg's post was to complain about the very small range of the C22 traveler and the resulting lack of the device's usefulness. You're...
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    Bottom Cleaning/Painting

    Ted's right about that. The way to go is hard shell paint with regular monthly maintenance. You shouldn't use anything more aggressive than a piece of carpet the first year or so. The anti fouling eventually leaches out but the coverage will still be good... so a scotch brite pad may be...
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    Thru hull factory valves

    Big cost cutting decision on many production boats of the era. Catalina also... my 77 C27 was equipped thusly... was a big complaint by owners' groups... always mentioned in "issues" lists put by previous owners. Interestingly enough, I received a copy of the "known issues" list from...
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    Thru hull factory valves

    Definitely replace those glassed in stemmed gate valves during your boat's haul out. Bronze or marelon seacocks, properly installed, should be top priority retrofit.
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    Drilling hole to run lines through cabintop mounted traveller

    You have think "tunnel" rather than "hole". The riser was probably molded into the deck at the factory, with a backing plate for the traveller. That would make it hollow, so you'd want to create a window through that riser, then insert a matching tube, glassed in place to create a water...