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    S2 9.2A Rudder Problem? (And solution?)

    I agree… looks like it needs to go up a few inches. Have you tried lifting it... a bottle jack on a solid platform would be handy for that.
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    Ground tackle

    I'm a bit confused. Did you want to upgrade your anchor locker or did you want to know different anchoring options. Additional anchors and rodes can be carried in the lazzarette, stern rails, etc....
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    Spinnaker Pole Length

    Wait a minute! Dave said WHISKER pole.... you asked for SPINNAKER pole... that's two different animals! A whisker pole's length is determined by the size of the sail....or sails... it will be used with. An adjustable length whisker pole is common but not mandatory. The foot length of the...
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    Outboard Motor Cowling

    An auto parts store will have what you need.. Take the cowling into a nearby store and let them hook you up.
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    Hunter 336 traveler

    You might study the pics in this listing....I'm sure this is what you had in mind. Note that the traveler appears bolted directly to the cabin top so you won't need risers and the "high rise" style track... nonetheless, this boat has an added winch on starboard to handle the increase load from...
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    Looking to get out on the water in Tampa on Saturday

    Looks like these guys have plenty of sailboats St. Petersburg & Tampa Bay - Sailing Yacht, Catamaran & Fishing Charters Don't know how they would respond to short notice.… give them a call.
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    Tiller hard to steer

    I apologize, I thought your problems were while powering. Before you start making major rig adjustments, like re setting the mast rake, simply try trimming out the main when she starts heeling too much. Use your tell tales to set correct twist, watch your apparent wind direction, don't heel...
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    Tiller hard to steer

    The motor's prop and the boat's rudder are at odds. So.. Take note of the direction the boat wants to veer when you release your hold on the tiller. Now..... adjust the motor's direction to compensate for the prop's pull..... don't steer with the motor. When motor sailing for longer...
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    Compass location

    No need.... mount it inside the cabin on the forward bulkhead. You don't need the calibrated mounting ring, just a flat piece of wood with a hole in it. It's nice to be able to see headings when you're inside... My bulkhead mount Plastimo Contest is illuminated and can be seen from inside as...
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    Compass location

    Completely agree. These 3 retail for under $125... there are many others under $75! I like bulkhead mount on tiller steered vessels.
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    Can a boat motor be too low in the water?

    It looks perfect to me. The reason you get along shaft is to get the prop deeper..... I don't see what your problem is.
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    Can I dock my boat stern first? SOLVED

    I'm more in Judy's camp.... prevailing wind direction is my first concern but privacy and sun exposure are almost as important. When I was in a "downwind" slip, docking bow first meant I had to back out against the breeze.... not too difficult if you have a helpful crew. However, if you're...
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    1980 Wilcox Headmate head

    Out with old, in with the new..... get the Raritan... you won't be sorry.. You will be sorry if you waste $160 on an obsolete msd.
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    Karver winch ?

    Pricey.…. but hey, it's your money. I get it for high performance racing yachts... a Pogo, for instance, but I'd rather have a traditional 2 speed and a new sail.
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    Moved the Jib Track inside the Life Lines

    I have a short 3 hole inside track mounted on the small raised portion of the coaming, adjacent to the cabin bulkhead. It is for the a 140% deck sweeping genoa. It is necessary to skirt the foot inside the lifelines because it's so low to the deck. When I first acquired this boat, I messed...