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    Invest 99L --> TD 9 --> TS Ida --> Hurricane Ida

    glad u made out well. Was asking kloudie if he heard from you. All good on my end at MYH floating dock. Bent stanchion is all I got. House all good. Power out in Covington til yesterday. In gulf shores now on vacation.
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    Midship cleat on toe rail?

    i added these on my H31 a few years back and they have worked great as my mid shop cleats. Attached to toe rail.
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    Need an Isomat mast for a 30 T 1989 to 1993...

    below is a list of companies I contacted when searching for my replacement mast on a H31 in 2018.. a lot of these are hit or miss depending on what they may have in inventory. its worthwhile to contact them and if not available ask who they typically work with on salvage boat parts. they...
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    1984 Hunter 34 Standing Rigging

    here are two addl pics you may be able to zoom in on for spreader ends. \
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    1984 Hunter 34 Standing Rigging

    Here are a few pics I found on replacement mast. I tried to zoom in on connection points at mast (grassy area) as well as new rigging attachment points at yard when installing replacement. the lower connections have a ball/tang set up.
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    1984 Hunter 34 Standing Rigging

    Here is a link to my H31 (sister ship to the H34) owners manual in the downloads section of this forum. it has a page on masthead B&R rig layout. also in the general downloads section is a doc on tuning the masthead rig...
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    Yikes! We need whisker pole 101

    I suggest rigging a topping lift or use a spare halyard to help control the pole when rigging it up. I have an extendable pole on my H31 and the pole is heavy for one person to handle when on the foredeck and any kind of chop. I always instructed crew to connect the topping lift first thing...
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    EV-100 auto helm issues

    Had a similar issue when the plastic locking nub broke. Raymarine will sell the rear ring for about $120. Something they don’t advertise. Better than full the wheel drive assembly. If you go this route look at you tube videos on capturing and installing the little bearings If they get away...
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    Funny Friday!!!

    Saw this on another post....
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    Yanmar 2GM20F Failure - reality check needed

    Fred. I had the same problem with the 2GM on my H31. Was offshore bobbing around in confused seas and mixing up the bottom of the tank even after recently having fuel polished. Had crud in the bottom and pickup tube was getting clogged causing the rpms to rev up and down. I was able to...
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    Chainplate adaptor separating from deck

    Keeping in mind what I had to do on my H31 chain plate/rod repair and looking at your sketch photo, it appears you may have room to cut an inspection port or cut open rectangular opening in the liner inside the boat in order to access bottom of rod/nut. Afterwards you can glass black over or...
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    New owner of 1985 Hunter 28.5

    Congrats on your boat. These are great vintage hunters. I have the H31 (middle sister) and others in this forum with the H34. Lots of good info here and especially the downloads section.
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    Harbor Rebuild at Mandeville

    Just spent a few nights there last week. They did a great job on refinishing the bulkheads. As far as gators there was a 6 footer swimming around the boat in the late evening looking for dinner.
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    Would you be ready to handle this emergency?

    Unfortunately I’ve been there, done that and have the invoices to prove it. Lost the rig at night offshore texas. I can’t stress enough that on our older boats we have to do a chain plate inspection even if it means cutting inspection ports where the chain plates are barely visible inside...
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    Gulfstar 47, Sailmaster, Morgan 462, Irwin 43

    Morgan 44 CC in Corpus Christi