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    Good place to mount EPIRB H38

    Industrial strength velcro can make a very effective bond once you determine where. So can 3M High Bond tape (double sided). I like using the stickies that come with 3M hangers for temporary mountings, they remove cleanly.
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    Solar wiring question

    Depends on which post of the switch it goes to. If it goes to the one or 2 posts, then it will charge battery 1 or 2 respectively, the same as if wired directly to one of those batteries. If it goes to the common post, it will only charge the battery(s) switched on.
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    Vhf splitter for ais transceiver

    I don't understand why someone would pay $250 for a splitter when an antenna and cable sells for $135 on this site. I mounted my AIS antenna on my dinghy davits ~8 feet off the water. It works fine - I can see AIS traffic at ranges much farther than I am interested in them. Maybe if I was...
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    Mast climber Choices

    I bought the ATN Mast Climber, and found the ascenders to be a poor design. the load is attached to a lever on the cam, at the top of the ascender, causing the line to bend 90 degrees each time the load is applied. Half the each leg stroke was wasted bending and straightening the line. I...
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    Battery problem

    I would look for a short in the starter circuit - of course the battery will go to 0 volts if left connected to a load and no charging, what would stop it? Did you measure the voltage of the good battery while wired as a start battery? I'm guessing it was not at 13+ volts then and that's why...
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    Lazy Jacks

    My factory lazy jacks go up inside the mast and exit a few feet above the top spreader. They then route through ferrules in the top spreader about a foot from the the mast to open the lazy jacks wider than they would be just from the mast. On the way down to the cradle cover, they split twice...
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    Help! My dog won't do her duty while on board. Need suggestions please.

    I try to get my dog ashore at least twice a day. When she was younger, she could go about 2 days before she just had to pee on the side deck, and another day until she pooped. Now that she is elderly, I'm just happy if there are not pee spots on the salon rugs in the mornings from...
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    Water Pump Suction mystery!!!

    Like TomJ, I had a pinhole leak in the water pickup tube halfway down inside the tank. It was where the tube went through one of the baffles. Clue was that the first half tank of water worked fine, second half I had to let the pump regain prime before each use. When the water level got below...
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    Adding another AC circuit

    dlochner - "It is not at all inconceivable that the corrosion in the plug could increase the current draw well above 30 amps" The only way to increase current is to decrease resistance, since voltage is consstant - Ohms law. Ok, people do stupid things. Splitting the input on the boat and...
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    Adding another AC circuit

    Sorry, but corrosion will not decrease the resistance of the circuit, it will increase it. That can increase heat, but not current. Using a smart plug at the boat reduces that risk, its the stupid connectors at the dock pedestal and adapter that are at most risk. If they burn up, the boat...
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    Adding another AC circuit

    I don't understand those of you who worry about plugging a 30 amp cord into a 50 amp shore power receptacle. That would be like worrying about plugging a 10 amp toaster into a 15 amp wall socket protected by a 20 amp breaker. You all do that in your house. Every one of you. You have a 30 amp...
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    anker winch

    Since no one has answered you yet, I'll give it a shot from my limited experience of my own windlass. The gypsy (chain wheel) is not directly connected to the windlass shaft, but held by a clutch mechanism that allows the anchor to be deployed without powering it down, and that allows the...
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    I use the cheap Chinese ammeters to measure my alternator outputs, and Volt/AMP meters for my AC input (they use a coil around the hot wire). I have had good luck with them except the one ammeter I blew by reversing the +sense and +12V wires. I think they were less than $10 with shunts...
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    Shunts are specified by their max current and voltage drop (full scale voltage). 50 & 100 mv full scale drop are common. you can parallel multilpe meters on a single shunt as long as the shunt rating (drop) is the same. The meter measures the voltage drop across the shumt and displays it on an...
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    I use peppermint essential oil to relieve the itch of mosquito bites. I believe it also works for no-see-ums, but we don't have them here. Ants and bees I'm not so sure. My mom used baking soda paste for bee stings when I was little. Jim