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    Moorage Madness

    Moorage for my boat is actually a mooring off my water front; we purchased the property 30 years ago when ocean-frontage was still affordable in my area. The mooring maintenance cost averages out to about CDN$200 per year for chain, rope, shackles, etc. I had to rebuild my dock and float three...
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    H36 Boom Vang Attachment to Boom

    True, but you can still shape the main with a combination of a traditional purchase vang and the topping lift. I just find a solid vang more convenient. For one thing, it allows me to remove the topping lift while sailing so that I don't worry about adjusting it underway and there's no scramble...
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    H36 Boom Vang Attachment to Boom

    I used a bail like the Ronstan one pictured for a four-part vang on my H37C. Worked fine. I have a solid vang on my current boat. I like it better.
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    Winterizing bilge on my H37

    Yes. I installed it at the bottom, aft end of the keel sump. Took less than a 1/2 hour to measure, drill and bed it (in 3M 4200). Make sure to buy a good quality bronze fitting, use bronze screws and it will last a lifetime. Use a bit of teflon tape on the plug threads and it won't leak and will...
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    Winterizing bilge on my H37

    I installed a garboard drain and plug on my old H37C. It just makes sense for those of us that haul every winter. Just remember where you stow the plug so you don't have to search for it in the spring!
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    Stop wires slapping inside of mast?

    There's not really any sharp edges on the flared (inside) part of an aluminum pop rivet. I pulled a substantial amount of the top end of a multi-conductor radar cable out of the conduit at the spreaders and saw zero evidence of abrading or tearing. Note that the outer insulation on the radar...
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    37c projects

    See the 'sticky post' called H37C Knowledge Base for my post about water on the galley floor.
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    Hi, I'm from NB Canada, any of you sailors on this forum would know where to buy a complete/overall rebuilt kit for a Yanmar 2GM20 engine?

    The Yanmar dealer locator shows five dealers under "Marine Recreational" in NB. I have found this parts list quite useful (found here on SBO under Owner Resources/General Downloads): Yanmar Parts List Note that some part #s and all prices are out of date.
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    Any advice regarding bottom paint

    You may want to look at Coppercoat. I haven't used it personally, so I can't say if it will meet your needs, but some claim it is the solution for a hard, multi-year bottom paint. As always, try and get an opinion from someone who is using the product in your waters.
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    Stop wires slapping inside of mast?

    My previous boat had a channel in the mast extrusion that was accessed by sliding out the mainsail track; this is the way all masts should be designed! However, my current boat was like the ones in this thread and I debated how to tame the wires slapping. I installed two conduits in the mast...
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    How to remove rusted strut bolts ('81 33)

    I believe Dahmer Marine was the original manufacturer for a lot of the prop struts on the Cherubini Hunters. As Sam says, they are long gone, but the patterns were acquired by Miller Island Propeller and they can supply them (no idea as to cost...) Miller's Island Propeller | Underwater Hardware
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    1984 37C - Dimensioned Drawings Plans

    Your only hope would be if John Cherubini II (Diana of Burlington here on the forum) has a copy of his father's drawings. I know he was talking about publishing some, but I think there may be complications with the original Hunter company (now Marlow-Hunter) owning the rights...
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    How to remove rusted strut bolts ('81 33)

    I removed and rebedded the strut on my H37C years ago. I think you might have success getting the nuts off the machine screws (bolts) that hold your strut on. Clean out the area as best you can - shop vac, wire brush, etc. - and then hit the nuts with PB Blaster (or similar) a couple of times...
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    37C Mast Lights

    I don't have a photo, but I can tell you from memory. On the boat side, red is the anchor light at the top of mast, green is the steaming light and purple is the deck light (both of these near the spreaders). the black wires on either end are ground. The 3-conducter wire from the mast goes to...
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    Long time lurker :)

    I believe "Net 8" is the boat's registered tonnage (nothing to do with actual displacement). 8 tons sounds about right for a Cherubini Hunter 33.