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    Fuel is in waste holding tank what to do ?

    I stand corrected.
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    Fuel is in waste holding tank what to do ?

    Never seen one that wasn't labelled. Old boat said "Gas" new boat says "Diesel" For the O.P - I'm in agreement with the consensus of the thread - just use it. A lot. Sewage smells bad enough it will win eventually. Unless, the gas ended up eating away at bits of the system. Gas doesn't affect...
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    Climbing my mast? Hire someone or woman-up? :)

    The antenna and coax should be fine. It should already have a PL-259 connector to connect to a VHF. This has been the standard for a very long time. What makes you think otherwise?
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    Just bought a CAL34, question on wiring Depth Finder

    The I40 depth display has the transducer connected directly to it. Its two wires that should lead directly to the transducer. I'd use heatshrink crimp terminals instead of solder in most instances. The seatalk connectors on a I40 is old seatalk and/or power. The display puts it's data out on...
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    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    If I'm working, it's at Two Harbors (we rarely go to Avalon or stay too long). Thus the Verizon point. Haven't been to Avalon this year, so was unaware about the Verizon issues there. Last year it was fine.
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    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    I do as well. I often work from the harbor, and the harbor's WIFI is a joke and an attempted profit center. (Ass all things Dana Point Harbor currently are.) I've spent time over on Catalina working, and it's Verizon or nothing. Sometimes you can get decent WIFI some places, but it's awfully...
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    Atomic 4 no oil dipstick?

    I really never worried about too much power when I had an A4 powered boat. :) They are pretty tolerant of oil level. It's a very primitive engine, kinda like 4 lawnmower engines smushed together. The zenith carbs really don't like ethanol though. Every 2-3 years would require a rebuild.
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    I just bought a C30 yesterday!!

    If you leave the country, the Federal Doc is generally much easier to deal with. That said, with your listed location I'm sure if you found Canada under you're keel they'd understand MI registration. Federal doc costs $ to start, and a reasonably small amount of $ each year. The state will...
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    Main sheet rigging

    Or at least a well cinched halyard knot that's trimmed smooth. Older lines can be a beast to put splices in. You may wish to refresh the line, in which case definitely put in a eye. The blocks may have set screws to keep them from swiveling. That may be necessary to get rid of that twist on the...
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    I just bought a C30 yesterday!!

    The USCG record is definitely a C-30, manufactured in July 1985, 1986 model year, hull #4313. (Likely the same # is the sail number, 'cause that's how Catalina rolls) The USCG search page shows the last expiration date of 2002, so I'd guess this boat was switched from USCG Documented to state...
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    I just bought a C30 yesterday!!

    That's a Federal documentation number. When you bought the boat you should have sent in the signed transfer to the USCG to transfer the documentation. Depending on state, you may need state registration too. From a search: Vessel Information: Vessel Particulars: Vessel Name: AVILION...
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    Atomic 4 no oil dipstick?

    Stolen from the Moyer board, Moyer marine is all things A4. Dipstick on the side with the water pump and alt, right in front of the transmission cover.
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    sailboat refrigerator units

    I wouldn't use a water cooled unit anywhere but possibly the tropics (and likely not there, either). It's unnecessary, adds complication to the system, requires 2 more holes in the boat, and reduces lifetime (if in salt water). On both my now-gone C-30 and the current boat, the condenser and...
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    Charging a NORCOLD SCQT 6406 with refrigerant

    Or if you really want to go old school, a heated dial-a-charge. (Guess how I payed my way through school) But to the O.P. saving a 20+ year old (maybe 30+) refrigerator is folly unless you're a tech and if you were the question wouldn't be asked. 1. It may just not work (compressor doesn't...
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    wind indicators/depth/speed suggestions?

    The Garmin Gwnd masthead sensor snaps into it's mount. Dunno about the ray (although I had a very early tack-tik on my previous boat and it was a complete POS. That + proprietary NMEA 2K connectors, raymarine doesn't get much of my biz anymore)