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    First Sailboat - No Sailing Experience

    Good used Catalina 22, there's a lot around to look at, and popular enough to sell when you actually figure out what you want. You're so new you don't know what questions to ask yet, so start with a simple boat below your budget, and don't forget you always spend a few $$$ on a boat after you...
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    +1 For Weems & Plath

    Excellent - I look for companies like this to do business with. Life's too short to buy junk.
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    larger trailer sailor

    OP John - I recommend you check out the Catalina's, either the 22 or 25 footers. There are so many of them around you can always find a great one for a deal and parts are easy to get at Catalina Direct. I found a good condition 1986 Catalina 25 with a great condition galvanized double axle...
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    Should I replace my tiller?

    Go sail without your tiller and see if your comfortable without one, because fixing that ole tiller is what you'll be doing in your future sailing.
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    Talk me into a Catalina

    I have a Catalina 25. I don't think its big enough for weeks on a boat for two people. The reason I say that is there isn't really any room for the wet rain jackets, ,tools, space parts, spare oil, the extra change of clothes, extra water, etc... You say COMFORTABLE. I guess if you can camp for...
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    PEX vs Reinforced PVC

    You don't actually need the tool to release the Sharkbite fittings, you can use a wrench and just push-in the fitting...its easy.
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    What makes your truck look good?

    2006 Dodge Cummins Quad Cab long bed - tows the Catalina 25 excellent. Best part is both truck and boat are paid for.
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    What to do with trailer tongue extension?

    Here's my extension. Its better than the extension I had on another boat. This extension is solid and separate from the towing connection. I would never hook up the extension while on the ramp unless I cannot get over the hump of the ramp top without dragging the extension. I disconnect the...
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    Plastic water tank leaking

    Gorilla Glue Tape worked as a temporary fix for looks like black electrical tape but thicker and held in water.
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    What is this through hull in '83 Catalina 25 originally used for?

    Sorry - I mean never had to pump out my CURRENT boat. Actually it bothered me this summer, we kept looking for some water in the boat as it was at the marina on water all summer, wither from rain, condensation, leaks..something. Nothing..
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    Single Handing Catalina 25

    I have a auto pilot on my Catalina 25. Helps a lot when your by yourself.
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    What is this through hull in '83 Catalina 25 originally used for?

    I have just the manual bilge pump, never had to pump water out, ever. Had a electrical bilge pump on the last sailboat...
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    What is this through hull in '83 Catalina 25 originally used for?

    My Catalina spent the entire year on the water and we had zero water in the boat or hull. What's that bilge pump thing do again? We haven't had to use it yet.
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    Talk me into a Catalina

    Catalina's are easier to sell.
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    Catalina 25 engine length / mounting placement

    I have a Catalina 25 with a Mercury 9.9 Bigfoot 25" longshaft, mounted on the Catalina Direct motor mount. From the pictures it looks almost like the same engine and set-up as yours, except for shaft length. I bet your ok for now as you lake sail. For comparison, with the motor mount all the...