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    Hunter23 Water under floor boards

    I had to redo my chain plate cover seals because I had water seepage into top edge of the chain plate bulkheads that delaminated the plywood on one side and caused the chain plate to come loose (I had to put a new bulkhead in). I used butyl rubber to reseal where the chain plate penetrates the...
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    H23 Cabin Access

    I'm not at my 23 now but if I recall the top sliding hatch has a wood strip on the aft edge that juts a bit below the plastic surface, and when that slider is all the way closed (aft) it would be just behind the plane of the hatch boards when inserted. You want the boards about equal in height...
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    Greetings! Newb H22 owner

    We kept our 23 in a fresh water lake and hauled it due to freezing in winter. Unless you have those pesky barnacles in your lake you probably will only need to pull it every so often to clear off the fine grass like stuff that grows. A really powerful pressure washer will be needed and do it...
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    Sail Rigging Diagrams?

    Or get a cheap electricians fish tape at a place like Harbor Freight
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    Hunter 23 swing keel version, not the wing keel version

    I have a winged keel 23 and as far as I'm concerned it performs fine. I've never sailed or seen the swing keel model. Personally, I'd avoid having to maintain and worry about repairs to the swing keel mechanism, especially since it seems so few were made.
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    6HP outboard engine sputtering

    Is the prop hub spun? If so that ought to be much easier and less costly than the gears.
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    Sail Rigging Diagrams?

    You could use a turning block (or a swivel block attached to the mast tabernacle if it has holes), but then you'd need a way to cleat the line or use a rope clutch on the cabin roof somewhere near the aft end (and you don't need or want a heavy line, so a clutch may not work), so it was...
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    Sail Rigging Diagrams?

    The stock method of attaching the topping lift (same as on my H23) by routing it through the boom up to and through the forward sheave and the jam cleat below the sheave has a disadvantage - when you remove the boom you have to pull the line out of the boom, and then re-thread it before you...
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    Baby stays Hunter 23

    I made a pair of supports from 2x4s on edge, kind of hard to describe and I don't have access right now to take photo. Each wood bit sticks up from the gunwale, and has an eye bolt at top that is the same level as the mast's hinge. There is a stainless cable across the deck that holds the wood...
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    Storage under H23 gas tank

    I'm surprised you need that space, which is very shallow. The area under the lazarette hatch on the port side is pretty big. But if you need it I suppose you could probably find some appropriate sized opening access cover that could be installed in a cutout.
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    1987 Hunter 23: Mast Light Deck Fittings

    I opened mine up, cleaned and resealed it. Didn't feel like having to get the same size or tidy up the hole in the deck for a new size.
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    New to me 1988 23

    FYI I used butyl rubber under the chain plate covers when I resealed. It is gooey but does not glue the cover down.
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    New to me 1988 23

    If bad, water incursion comes in through the deck slot and seeps into end grain at top edge. If you have not you may want to remove the 3 bolts that hold the metal to the wood, take out the chain plate and see if the now unclamped wood bulkhead is sound. Mine cracked under load while sailing.
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    New to me 1988 23

    Carefully check the wood chain plate bulkheads.
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    Mobile App for Android Now Online

    I prefer the Android browser version to the app as well. Missing all the info about what is new to you is an obvious drawback. Probably not worth spending much to improve the app. But it's good to have an option even as it is. I'd have thought XenForo would have built a configurable app that had...