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    Maybe I have blundered and offended the sellers of two boats i have tried to buy?

    I went through that exact process when selling a Catalina22, therefore if i was offered what i was asking sight unseen i would assume its a scammer and ignore any further emails. Thats life, once bitten twice shy.
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    False fume alarm ?

    Just winterizing my Island packet and i always pour RV antifreeze into the bilge to run through the manual and auto bilge pumps. Then my fume alarm kept going off, does the antifreeze have something in it that the alarm detects?
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    Kubota Diesel (on the hard) model ZH600B

    Surely every boat has a strainer, otherwise how do you clean out the debris that can build up?
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    Kubota Diesel (on the hard) model ZH600B

    I have what i consider an easier way of feeding in fresh water while on the hard, every fall when i haul i shut engine intake seacock, unscrew the top of the groco filter and stick a hose in the filter and start the engine. I run fresh water through her for at least 5 minutes then start pouring...
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    Maine Sail update

    Rodd, if you are reading this, get well soon. If you or whoever hauls your boat needs help just ask, i am only 30 minutes away.
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    Disagree, you just have too be a lot more choosy and discerning when picking your surveyor . i have used the same person twice and he was excellent , most definitely wanted me there for the whole process so he could explain things and what he was looking at. I even got a dvd of the whole...
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    Bleach in water tanks

    First, what is your tank made of? if its aluminum then bleach is the last thing you want anywhere near it. Clean the pipes with bleach, as per Peggy but not aluminum tanks.
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    Can I connect an Airmar DST810 multi sensory to a Raymarine i70 display?

    My DST800 plugged straight into my NMEA2000 backbone and plays to everything including two i70s
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    Penobscot Bay Sail

    I recommend you get yourself a copy of the Maine Cruising Guide, i wouldn't leave port without it.
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    Just got an email saying my parts are on the way which is good, i guess they are just bad at answering the phone, listening and responding to voicemail or emails.
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    Has anybody had recent dealings with Marinebeam. I have placed an order a week ago, my credit card has gone through but i cannot get an email or phone response from him, starting to get concerned.
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    Garmin plotter with Furuno radar, Raymarine sensors

    Because you are using 4 different manufacturers you are going to get 4 different reasons / excuses for why one item is not talking to another, for that reason i have only got Raymarine onboard, never had a problem , their tech support is pretty good.
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    C Map or Navionics

    I like Navionics myself , i thought Garmin had bought it a couple of years ago and integrates it with Active Captain info.
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    do you think his insurance will cover it

    I dont think he had a clue, should have used the engine a lot sooner, how many concealed hatches has that mega yacht got? was this a James Bond movie?
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    Cover pic? Really?

    I dont have a problem with the photo or the boat, and she is cruising Maine, which, as someone else has pointed out, we spend 50% of the time on the motor if you want to get somewhere. I hope Jackdaw is joking about his comment on women driving