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    New deck organizers H34

    The 5 series would be fine for the purpose but the distance between the two bolts is shorter and you would need to drill a new hole in your boat. I tried the 5 series first.
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    Finally went for a sail

    Shaft is 1". I replaced the original stuffing box with a dripless. Mostly because the distance between flange and packing box was too short. To replace the packing I would have needed to move the engine (!). But in your setup it looks you have a good amount of room. before - with stuffing box...
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    Finally went for a sail

    Might be a later add on - mine doesn't have the loop either. Same engine.
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    Accessing Port water tank

    Lucky you - you have the newer version of the settee assembly with screws on the top. Makes it easy to get to the tank. I have (had!) the older version where you have to lift up the whole settee :) I removed the port water tank and put my AC in there.
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    1/4 berth bulkhead (H34)

    like this? :) I've used a piano hinge and then covered the whole thing with some automotive liner. also I've done the same thing with the wall aft for easy access to the water tank.
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    New deck organizers H34

    In case someone is looking for an easier way to have a double stack deck organizer on a H34. The Schaefer 704-30 is a direct drop in for the original single stack Schaefer one. The provided bolts from the double stack organizer need to be shortened but that's it. The new bolts have the same...
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    I would walk away. Especially since the surveyor recommended that as well. Dry bilge in a H34? Absolutely! I replaced the stuffing box with a dripless and my bilge was bone dry.... until I've installed an AC that drains into the bilge :)
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    Hunter 34 Starboard side of engine access

    drastic move but gives you great access: remove the engine box, it's held together just by screws.
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    H34 galley

    The panel is just held in place by strips of wood from the back. Once you take out the screws you can wiggle the whole panel out from the galley side. At least that was the case on my boat but the PO did a terrible job butchering a microwave and a wine cooler (!) in there. I removed the whole...
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    1986 H34 Depth Offset

    Why would you have depth information on your display other than the distance of keel to the sea floor? I want to know how much room I have before potentially running aground. My depth sounder is installed in the shower pan and from there to the bottom of the keel is 48" on my H34. Easy to...
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    Anyone have a sailpack on a H34?

    I made the Sailrite sailpack for my H34. and yes, the height of at the mast is quite massive. I'm 6.5' and I can reach the top to attach the halyard to the head but for anyone closer to 6' it will be a stretch. You should be able to make it a few inches shorter though.
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    I'm curious about how you plan this. The H34 bilge is not that big. I was thinking about staggering them so that the top one would only start pumping if the lower one fails (or can't keep up). I also think getting a second hose to a thru hull would be a problem. I'm hoping that the shower bilge...
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    The bilge manual wire runs forward, then up on the ports side before the vanity sink and then back to the panel in the same channel where the AC outlets are (together with the wiring for the DC lights). The Auto wire (at least in my case) was run directly aft through the engine compartment and...
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    Hunter 34 Fuel Tank Well

    "molded well" might be an overstatement (at least for my H34, MY 84). The tank basically sits between the ribs of the inner hull mold. Sure it will hold some spilled fuel but if that thing ever cracks I'll have diesel in the bildge.
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    H34: removing Kenyon mast head

    I was looking at various older posts about Kenyon mast heads and mine looks a little bit different. My question is how do I remove the plate on top of the mast head? Is it as simple as removing the two bolts on the side of the mast or do I need to drill out the rivets on top? None of my...