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    Size and Weight of 150% Genoa on 26S

    I have a CDI furler. As to your pointing question I haven't really noticed a major difference. It probably would depend on which side the wind is hitting the sail. Whether the rolled up side of Genoa is exposed to the wind or the other flatter side. One thing I've noticed is that my boat...
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    Size and Weight of 150% Genoa on 26S

    I have a 150 Genoa on my 2000 MacGregor 26x. It was a replacement for one that got torn up in heavy winds. I believe the weight is around 5oz. The one I ordered from Doyle was for off shore cruising and I have never regretted the decision. Mine also has the Sunbrella protection strip. Don't let...
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    Off the shelf aft-rail for solar/ant, etc.

    Prefab rail kits I have a 2000 26X. I would think that a bimini would do the trick. You might want to add some support in the form of aluminum tubes or PVC running perpendicular to the existing aluminum structure.
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    Labor rates for hired help

    Cost of Hiring Repair People I once had some repair work done to the sprinkler system in my yard. The guy that did the work charged quite a bit but did an excellent job. He gave me a small screw driver with some advertising on it. The message read "Do it yourself and screw it up, or call me".
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    Replacing Roller Furler Line on CDI-F2

    Robspan...Thanks for the help. I too have a 150 Genny so based on what you and others said (including the manual at 3/16" line) I think I'll try a compromise of 1/4" line. The procedure seems simple enough based on your experience. Again, thanks to all who responded.
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    Replacing Roller Furler Line on CDI-F2

    My CDI-F2 roller furling line is about to give up the ghost. Has anyone had any experience replacing the line. The CDI-F2 manual says wrap it about 20 times and then put through the hole and secure with a knot. When my foresale is completely rolled in there appears to be quite a few wraps on...
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    Steering Wheel Lock

    Thanks everyone. I've tried bungee cords but they slip. For $692 maybe an auto helm is the way to go.
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    Another Anchoring Question

    Just add a line to one of the links and use the line to cleat.
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    Steering Wheel Lock

    Has anyone rigged up a steering wheel lock that works so that you can stay on course when you have to leave the cockpit?