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    Two Questions - on 100% Jib and Securing Gooseneck

    A photo is worth a 1,000 words. Please post a photo. Hershey
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    Two Questions - on 100% Jib and Securing Gooseneck

    A photo is worth a 1,000 words. How about a photo? Hershey
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    New Owner - Engine Size?

    FYI: you small Tohatsu owners The motor steering cannot be locked in one position. One has to hold onto the motor tiller when running using the motor. There is a motor lock which effectively locks it in place -- straight forward. Works great...
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    135% genoa clew height

    Not really --- but; no matter what the sail size when the blocks are in their mid position, the sheet should point to the center of the luff of the sail when pulled tight.
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    Compass calibration

    I suspect lead ... check with a magnet. Hershey
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    Capri 22's with Sliding Goosenecks

    Anybody have the ideal measurements where the boom should be attached to the mast? Seems if you wanted to make it a fixed position, just put a sails stop above and below the goose-neck. One advantage I see is that when the mainsail is furled you can raise the boom higher, giving more...
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    Favorite store for your boat

    Available an any hardware store. Duct Tape -- fixes EVERYTHING :-)
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    Capri 22's with Sliding Goosenecks

    My 81 San Juan 21 and both of my 89 Capri 22's had/have sliding goose-necks. Well, I guess with the sliding goose-neck one does not need a Cunningham .... Any advantage performance advantage ??? Easier to "break down" the rigging when dropping the mast ?? Hershey
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    Where on the Hudson are you?

    Where on the Hudson are you?
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    Capri 22 - hull numbers

    Friend purchased a J-22 recently. It was never registered as it never had motor on it. Hull # -- did not match specifications. Boat was made in South Africa. Ended up registering it as a custom-home built !
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    Capri 22 110 Jib?

    Looks like you do not have the "Race Package" which includes cabin top tracks and blocks. Coming back directly to the winch ??? When sheeted in, the sheet should point directly up the sail to 1/2 way up the luff.
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    Cost for a used sail

    Unless you are really into racing I would stay away from the high tech materials. I purchased my 155 from FX sails, tri-radial dacron for around $800. I believe the dacron sail life is a lot longer.
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    Cost for a used sail

    ******************************************************************** You could always check with Ulman Sails and ask them for a quote. See what it would cost new. Do not tell them you are looking as a used one. Assuming it is a 155% I would expect new to be around $1,000+ due to the material...
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    Time for a new trailer?

    Did yu ever get a new trailer? Where are you located? Hershey
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    Time for a new headsail(s). What to buy?

    I went with a tri-radial dacron sail. Great in light to lite-medium. Hank on. Had a roller furler 135 which I converted to hank-ons. use that a a goof around sail. Got the 150 from FX sails. Thinking about getting a jib small enough to use the inboard tracks. But then again -- if the wind...