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    Rope length

    Most of the info you're looking for can be found in the manual which is available in the downloads right here on this site. This manual covers 3 different boats, the 19, 23.5, and 26 so be sure you are on the correct page / section...
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    12v power loss

    May I suggest checking the continuity between the negative battery terminal and the negative buss at your panel.
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    12v power loss

    Are you using the exact same negative connection for all of your measurements?
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    12v power loss

    JWhy are you sure that RCP2 is conductive and not just a protective coating?
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    Boat Babe on Strike!

    It's always good to signal your intentions to a crossing vessel
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    Vhf cable

    LMR-240 is the same size as RG-8X. So any connector sized for that and compatible with your current setup should work.
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    Is the 26x seaworthy enough to make Bahamas crossing?

    Adam, here is a link to Capt. Jim's (A1 Sailboats) log of his Bahamas cruise aboard a 26X. Hopefully it will have some useful info for you.
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    Really Bad Craigs List Ad

    If it is meant as a scam ad at least they did a bit of research.
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    1994 Hunter 19 Topping Huntwr

    I had mine rigged thru the boom. The line from masthead ended a few feet above the boom with a single part block. The line thru the boom was tied to one of the bails at the rear , led up and thru the block above, back down and entered the boom over one of the 3 sheeves. It exited at the mast end...
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    Mast raising

    I copied and pasted it to the old thread
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    Raising the Mast on a Hunter 23.5 - Looking for Advice

    From Crazy Dave @Jen G sent me a private message as she was having difficulty raising and lowering the mast. I forgot what thread this was in but requested all of you to allow time to investigate and help this lady who...
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    Mast raising

    Dave glad to hear you've been able to tick the biking and yakking off your bucket list. Keep us up to date on how Jen is doing with mast raising and getting that 23.5 on the water. Good luck with the upcoming tests, hope you surprise the Doc on the condition of your ticker!
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    1994 Hunter 19 Centerboard Detail Photos

    If I recall it is a simple 2:1 cascade. One block is attached to the centerboard uphaul line and the other block to a deck fitting.
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    Lifeline Pelican hook

    Not sure of the dims but it looks like the original lifelines were sourced from Seco (Seaco) South, Inc. and carried the part# r11234. Their online catalog shows 2 sizes of pelican hooks.
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    Bumpers for a 260

    Well if you're close to a Menards stop in and pickup 4 pairs of what they offer at a relative bargain price. Hang them from the stanchion bases along each side using 1/4" line. They will lie along the toe rail when you are under sail and be easy to drop when approaching the dock...