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    Nasty Surprise

    Order it online and pick it up from your local Chapters, Indigo or Coles store. There are 15 stores in the Vancouver, BC area. Or $9.99 from the Kindle Store.
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    Nasty Surprise

    Yup Get Rid of Boat Odors
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    old and new batteries connection

    @Ralph Johnstone may chime in here but if you are in the Vancouver, BC area you will not find a better marine electrician than Jeff Cote, Pacific Yacht Systems. Pacific Yacht Systems
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    361 where in boat is the dock AC inlet fuse ?

    Guan you don't specify whether your boat is moored in Vancouver, BC or Vancouver, WA. If BC and your travels are limited to North of the border than the 20A to 30A will not be needed (otherwise yes) but a 15A to 30A will definitely be required.
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    Wanted Catalina 320

    If you can I would recommend you wait it out. I believe that in the next year or two the market will be flooded with those boats and it will be a buyers market. With the current travel restrictions in BC, boaters are not welcomed anywhere, even within their own health authority. I am hoping...
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    Wanted Catalina 320

    There are delivery captains services available to move boats back and forth the US/Canadian border. All you have to do is cough up the moola. One with port of call from TX at our marina last week was moved to Roche Hbr, WA to deal with the paper work and another boat with port of call from NM...
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    Smart Plug Installation

    Out of curiosity, have you touched base with your insurance broker to see if there is a discount or refund with your new SmartPlug? If yes what was the result? More for others than myself as I did receive a $75 refund and a $50/year discount on my policy thereafter.
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    Removing Cabin Headliner

    Boy that will relieve a lot of stress. Knowing that the headliner is called Regal Headliner - Whisperwall is a huge step in solving the removal/install problem. If a picture is worth a thousand words then the video in this thread is worth a million.
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    Smart Plug Installation

    I think a quick and easy visual inspection will be helpful. Hopefully the boat manufacturer (and all previous owners) have left sufficient AC wire length to allow you to complete the job from the outside. Regardless, ensure the shore cable is disconnected, remove the 4 fasteners from the...
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    Antenna ?

    OR This guy GAM SS-2, Top PS Pick, Made in the USA
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    Anchor Well

    5/16” x 200’ on a Hunter 33’. No problems.
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    Periodic Maintenance - Yanmar Saildrive

    I highly recommend that you get a copy of the Yanmar Service Manual (not Owner's Manual) for your engine. You can download a copy in pdf format from the internet. Bare in mind that maintenance on diesel engines are based on calendar time and usage time. Although only having 60 hours on it, your...
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    Raymarine instrument covers
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    Winch removal

    To your knowledge, is there a significant difference between the eWincher1 and eWincher2?
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    Shipping / brokerage costs to Canada

    Middleman. In this case brokerage fees cover the costs of processing the paperwork and paying the taxes and duties to the Canada Border Services Agency for imported items. Most country have them available to provide you a service. The major couriers such as Fedex, DHL, Purolator and especially...