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    Removing rudder on my Hunter 44DS

    Jim22907, I read your post with interest. I may have the same issue, same boat. Did you manage to remove the rudder? Would appreciate any details on this project. Thanks much!
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    Auto Pilot Steering

    Lander, I just now read this thread. Your issues appear very similar to the trouble I have had with my Raymarine wheel pilot. Almost immediately after installing the system, I would have irratic behaviors. The pilot would hold course well for a long time and then suddenly it would go off...
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    Hunter 44DS Configurations

    I am also planning to buy a 44ds but not for a while yet. They seem ideal for live-aboard which I plan to do. Winter in the Bahamas and summer in Maine. I'm about 5 years away. Will follow postings to this thread with interest. Hope you find the boat of your dreams.