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    Guide-on assist for trailer....

    That keel needs a centerfold in Playboy. Wow!
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    Guide-on assist for trailer....

    That's some creative work - looks good. How did you bolt the lengthwise ends of the PVC to the 2 steel uprights? Run the bolt through a PVC endcap?
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    Trailrite trailer help

    It helps to cap-off the thread though - good post by Bonedaddy, and anyone searching will see all the related info come up together. I've learned a lot from old threads like this, and some of them have posts spanning years. I appreciate all the contributions going into them-
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    Dinghy option...

    If you're getting any hang-ups with the jib sheet - you could probably run a line from the built-in webbing, on the high-side of the kayak, straight to your bow cleat. I'd think any headsail sheet would hopefully ride right over it-
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    Dinghy option...

    Looks like a good set-up, to my eye at least. I'd watch how the kayak handles a strong wind across the beam - just in case. How large of a jib are you using?
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    Winterizing in North Carolina

    I'd also check my house battery, and make sure it's in tip-top shape heading into the winter. Murphy's law is right there with death & taxes... I remember reading about a fine old restored chris craft cabin cruiser that was found sunk at the dock. A beaver was eating it.
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    37 year old Catalina comes to life...

    Damn - you got a lot of work done in 3 months. Looks great. Congratulations on the maiden voyage-
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    I think it would be okay, so long as you've checked the integrity of the other shrouds, and aren't expecting a lot of wind and wave action in the slip while the uppers are disconnected. I'm sure it's not recommended... Be sure to check for existing plywood core rot, around the chainplates, and...
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    IMHO, starboard for bulkheads would be very heavy, and not structurally sound enough for the chainplates. Getting the chainplate deck leaks under control is extremely important, so that you can avoid the inevitable plywood core rot in the decks. I've had good success with butyl tape, but be...
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    Catalina 22 anchor - what fits?

    I'd check into the largest claw anchor that may fit. Without the roll-bar, they are more compact. I've used a claw anchor for years on my power boat, and have always been impressed with its set and performance.
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    Sailing and restoring #9874

    You have a beautiful cruising area - memories like that will last a lifetime. Great for the kids to look back on-
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    Sailing and restoring #9874

    Great report. Do you have a bimini top? It's great for rain as well as sun, and keeps the cockpit drier for cooking on the cockpit benches-
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    Cockpit floor replacement '84....?

    Careful with that question - don't anger the gods of boat repairs...
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    Bow Eye

    I can't tell you for sure - but I recall there being some project photos of an earlier bow eye repair on the C22 forum. Try a search - should come up-
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    Well, now I've seen everything.

    Man... the luck he's having - don't say that...