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    Cockpit Oxidation/Chalky - Polishing Advice Needed

    You might want to try "poliglow." Worked great restoring the finish on my 1987.
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    1987 Cat 22 Running Rigging

    Fishing line can also work too - if you don't have any heavy thread on hand.
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    Never say never

    Definitely - it's great sitting in the shade under the bimini, and having a nice breeze off the water flow through. I'm a convert.
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    Never say never

    That's nuts. I was in 115 degrees a few times, and I still remember it 40 years later. On the plus side - if you go - you'll remember it forever.
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    to be or not to be

    Definitely keep looking. Those photos trigger my PTSD.
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    1987 Cat 22 Running Rigging

    As far as prices, I bought a lot of rope from Defender, on-line. Good luck - I was doing the same thing, a few years ago.
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    Changes to new design?

    This is a little off the wall - but does anyone know if the factory changed the diameter of the bow & stern pulpit rails over time? I have a 1987, and the bow and stern pulpits look noticeably larger in diameter than some of the later versions of the "new design." I was looking at another new...
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    Cat 22 Swing Keel Sailboat Maintenance

    I have an 87' as well, and I bought it a few years ago. The fiberglass and waterline trim looked like it was all of 30 years old. I applied Poli Glow, and I was extremely impressed. People were asking if it was a new boat... no BS. It fades some over 2 years, but it's easy to apply. Good...
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    1987 Catalina 22 Kick Up Rudder

    I've really liked the Rudder Craft rudder.
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    Cat 22 Swing Keel Sailboat Maintenance

    I can highly recommend "Poli Glow" over regular wax treatments. I've been impressed with its performance.
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    Cat 22 cabin cushions

    You might try re-purposed memory foam mattress pads. I searched around on Amazon, and with a little digging, found some good deals on king size foam pads, and got a read on the firmness of the foam by the reviews. I used two layers of foam, of different firmness, and the end result is a little...
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    Nicely done.
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    So Many Projects, Where to Start?

    First thing to tackle: Load cold beer in cooler. 2nd thing: Start at top of list. 3rd thing: consider it a journey...
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    Fall Sailing 2019

    Nice video