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    Table Modification

    RolfSail, Did the same to our 2002. Lots of articles on here - look at the h260 owners mods and the Hunter small boat discussion: this is a copy of a previous note I wrote last month. Was always interested as because as nice as the aft queen berth is for a boat this size its pretty difficult...
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    Table into a bed?

    Hi Joe, It can. I was always interested as because as nice as the aft queen berth is for a boat this size its pretty difficult for two to use and manage the access (I'm 6'4"). Our 260 has a molded lip around the outside of the cabin lazarettes. I assume it was designed for the purpose of...
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    Not all heroes wear capes

    Wow - interesting question. Branching out: 1. Friends who weld, fabricate and run a multimeter far better than me. They are not afraid to tell be how screwed up my modification ideas are. 2. You all here. 3. Vendors who will actually talk with you and have the expertise to solve issues. 4...
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    And now, a word from the wise

    Everything...... Repairs, upgrades, moorage, storage will actually cost twice the amount you have budgeted for.
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    Hope he gets his price - lots of nice mods.
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    Maxin C, Will be traveling past this summer with ours if you need to take a look. Planning a launch at Campbell River and cruising Desolation Sound for a few weeks. JT
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    2020 Photo Contest

    Appetizers. Sue Biscuit II, Gulf Islands, BC
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    Degree of heel H26

    Great video - was thinking "whats that float doing up there?" Mountain gusts have certainly put our rail in the water upwind, however the H260 rounds up much past that. We typically reef if heeling much over 10 degrees - tiller pressure lets you know - don't know what its like with a wheel...
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    Finding my way around my Hunter 260 (question #1: bilge water)

    An aside, but you might consider adding a 8" port to the top of the water tank while you are cleaning up the mold. I did this year and found a surprise. The outlet is above the bottom of the opaque tank so there is always water in there. After 17 years, our 2002 H260 had enough mold in it...
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    Standing Rigging Specs

    Joe, Thanks for the recommend - just ordered.
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    A Swarm of Sailboats

    I'm reading the responses in two different ways. a) Sailing: I sail the H260 solo, with Mrs. Snow, a friend (or two) or occasionally a larger crew. Prefer sailing with my sweetie or solo: its easier to just go and "do it". b) Cruising: either solo or with other boats. Generally like to...
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    Asymmetric sheet size?

    Nice - really like the flathead main. Who built your sail? Did you measure? Re: hardware - turning blocks to winches or cams on the C25. Don't think they fly their asym above 10 knots.
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    Hunter 260 "New" Deck Hardware Install

    Crazy Dave, So sounds like the thing to do is drill with a small diameter bit where I want to place hardware. If I hit metal - great! Drill with the appropriate diameter and tap. Is there a list of hardware (screws) used in historic tapped deck mounting? No metal - again have found 1 "+...
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    Hunter 260 "New" Deck Hardware Install

    Kermit, Good to know. Its all subject to finding out what works. I repurposed the jib halyard and fished it through the appropriate spi slots in the mast. No issues cleating on the mast. Will need to experiment. Limiting foredeck time solo is always good too. I'm big and the boat...
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    Hunter 260 "New" Deck Hardware Install

    So... been slowly modifying our tiller 260. Next step is installing the new (used) asym spi gear. Love kites but will rig a quick release on the tack to help the pucker in tight quarters/solo sailing. Need a bit of directionality please. #1. Know about the imbedded backing plates. Plan to...